During pandemic lockdown many people have chosen to get creative, and to explore new ways of doing things. The temporary restriction on travel hasn’t impacted on the imagination of folk who have wanderlust.

Instead of using photo books to preserve favourite memories of adventures abroad, holidays and getaways, people have been using them to keep a record of how they spent their time in self-isolating quarantine. Snaps taken from a balcony can provide a unique perspective of the world, as we see it today.

Creating A Unique Photo Book

Photos instantly capture a moment in time so that it can be relived and enjoyed over and over again. It’s no wonder than so many people have tons of photos stored on devices like mobile phones, cameras and laptops. If you’re a social media enthusiast, you probably also have lot of photographic images stored in online albums that you can easily share with family, friends and followers.

To satisfy your desire to travel, during lockdown, you can spend time reliving happy memories by organising all of your photos in stylish photo books. You can create a unique photo book by filling up the pages with snaps from your balcony, and memories of how you spent time alone, or with loved ones and close family members.

You can create a unique photo book by taking photos of everyday things that you now see from a fresh perspective. This can include snaps of the views that you are limited to, and also of your time spent outdoors during the recommended daily exercise period.

If you live in a flat or apartment, and have access to a balcony, you can practice your photography skills by creatively exploring the lockdown landscape. Thinking outside the box, when focusing on the subject of your snaps, will help you create unique images for your photo books. For a professional perspective, consider how natural lighting effects the view, and the composition of the images.

Polaroid Perspectives

To give your lockdown photo book an appealing retro aesthetic, you can include instant Polaroid prints in your collection of snaps. You’ll have a fun time snapping shots of people and memories. As the images instantly develop before your eyes you can create a variety of unique photo books in no time at all.

Discover a passion for a new type of photography by taking Polaroid snaps for lockdown photo books. If you live with someone, try your hand at portrait photography, or take snaps of a much-loved pet. If you live alone, play around with different objects to master the art of still life photography.

Get The Kids Involved

Help children pass the time during lockdown by getting them involved in creating their own unique photo books. They’ll have fun snapping away, organising, collating and sticking Polaroid prints into their own personalised photo books.

You can help them create a unique memory, and a special gift for a family member that you’re presently separated from. Let someone know that you’re thinking of them, by sending a lockdown photo book in the post. Adding captions, comments and anecdotes to the Polaroid snaps and photos in photo books, is an excellent way in which to enhance each memory, and to make photo books more personalised and meaningful.

Lockdown Photography Projects

There’s absolutely no need to pause your photography hobby just because the world is on temporary lockdown.

If live in a rural area or the countryside, and you’ve been walking, rambling, hiking or exercising in nature, you can use the great outdoors as the inspired theme for your lockdown photo books. Take panoramic shots of the beautiful landscape and close up snaps of flowers, plants and wildlife that is right under your nose, to perfectly capture the mood of the moment.

There are also great photo opportunities available in your own garden. Focusing on a small space can help you become more creative with your photography skills. You can take spontaneous snaps of the birds visiting your outdoor space, and of the gorgeous flora that is in full bloom.

Take snaps of your neighbourhood from your balcony, and create a unique photo book that celebrates life where you live. If you’re friendly with the neighbours, get them involved in your photography project by asking them to take snaps that offer a different perspective of the same view.

Themed Photo Books

Unlike traditional photo albums that typically feature an assortment of photos that are random, many people prefer to theme their beautiful, bespoke and luxury photo books. A themed photo book that is filled with photographic memories of happy times, exotic destinations, or special events, makes a great alternative coffee table lookbook.

Just because you’re restricted to taking snaps from your balcony, or limited outdoor surroundings, it doesn’t mean that you can’t create a stylish and unique themed photo book that will be cherished for years to come.

Organise Your Photos

Lockdown offers you a great opportunity for you to finally organise your hoard of photos. It’s estimated that the average person takes 1,460 photos a year! But only a small fraction of this stash is fully appreciated.

Alleviate the boredom by spending some of your time in self-isolation sorting through your photos, and picking out your favourite memories, to feature in stylish lockdown photo books. In years to come you’ll be pleased that you finally got round to completing a project that you had continually put off and avoided.