Teaching Your Kids Values

We have just ended the season of giving, and it is important to teach our kids that Christmas is more than just about receiving.  This is not always an easy task since most young kids are just not there conceptually.  Unless you can physically show your child how it truly means to give it usually does not really register.  There is a new program available that aims at getting kids to use their imagination and learn about helping others through fun games and exciting missions.  This program is called Superfly Organization of Active Recruits (SOAR).

When you sign your child up you with SOAR, your child will receive an initial mission package that includes a superhero cape from Powercapes.com, a mission book, comic book, collector’s card, sticker set and mission card.  Then each month of the subscription after that first month, a monthly package will arrive that includes a top-secret assignment from mission control, mission stickers, superpower playing cards, superhero activity sheets and other superhero gear.

When we opened the package, Jakobi identified the first first mission to ask three people what they think makes a real live superhero. He asked Mommy, Daddy, and his brother Mason who answered to our amusement, “Flying.” He was really interested in the comic book that came along with it and eagerly finished the maze. After he finished his mission, we recorded it in his SOAR book. Then he was able to have a certificate of completion in his own name. He sure was proud.

Teaching Your Kids Values

SOAR grew out of the company Powercapes.com, which was started by Holly Bartman as a way to provide children with personalized super hero capes.  There is now a whole team of people whose mission is to help kids be real super heroes, by giving back to the community, and supporting children’s causes while making a fun, high quality, safe product.

You can join SOAR through a subscription, either monthly for $24.99 per month or, for a savings, you can sign up for three months, a total savings of $15, six months, a total savings of $50 or for a one year subscription, a total savings of $150.  The recommended ages for joining SOAR is 3 – 10 years of age.

SOAR is a great way to teach children the importance of giving and helping others, while making it fun and safe.  For more details, and to get started visit SOAR Headquarters.


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