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Retweet ::  Looking for women’s socksmen’s socks, and low cut socks?   Look at my feet!  Aren’t these super awesome socks!  I am a huge fan of funky, fun socks and Argyle Knee-Highs definitely fit the bill.  The picture is not the best because my 2-year-old only takes pictures of his feet, and it is hard to get a good angle of your own.  I actually have three different pairs, but one pair is always in the wash I wear them so often.  If my pre-teen niece was here, I know I would have lost these trendy socks to adorn her feet and accessorize her skirt outfits! Not only do these socks look stylish, but with the colder weather, they keep my calves and feet warm.  I have tile floors, so a sock is always on my foot.  Socks 4 Life has quality socks for the whole family.  They have a selection of diabetic and kids socks as well.

Socks 4 Life also just recently launched a new side project, All About Socks, that you will be interested in.  It highlights not only socks trends, but explains different kinds of socks and why certain types work better for different people and activities.  

For my husband, I chose a men’s sock that would keep him warm while he was out trucking in the freezing weather.  It turns out that they are not allowed to let the truck idle when they are sleeping in the cab, so if it is 30 degrees outside it is near 30 degrees inside the truck.  Since we are Floridians I felt confident that a Weatherproof  Heavy Duty Thermal Sock made with a cotton and acrylic blend would keep his toes nice and warm.  Last night his nose was freezing, but he told me his toes were warm!  Thank you Socks 4 Life for helping to keep my hubby warm.  To help celebrate winter and the need for warm socks, Socks 4 Life is offering up to 85%  off retail prices!  You can get a 3-pack of these Weatherproof Heavy Duty Thermal socks for only $14.95.  With same day shipping, 30 day return policy, and a 100% money back guarantee, you will be pleased with any choice you make from Socks 4 Life.

The giveaway portion of this post has been removed and you can find the winner on the winner’s wall. This review and giveaway was provided at no cost, but the opinions expressed are still 100% my own.

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