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Sometimes Success Doesn’t Equal Weight Loss When Dieting #NSNation

Every morning I do the same thing.

  • My son(s) come into my bedroom at the crack of dawn and inform me the sun is up. To them, this means it is time to start the day because obviously daylight is burning! I have tried telling them my eyes do not open so early, so they give me kisses on my eyelids. Mommy’s kisses contain boo-boo better magic, and children’s kisses contain eye-opening magic at the crack of dawn.
  • I pee.
  • I start the coffee pot, which is the true morning magic in my book.
  • I weigh myself.

I always go in this order because I like to have the lowest morning weight possible: Post pee, pre coffee. I weigh naked. I always re-calibrate my scale. The latter is more of a necessity from having two curious preschoolers who like to know the weight of everything, a young adult man child who is working our and worried about his body mass, and a dog and cat that act like the animals they are. It is truly all my fault because the scale is in the kitchen so everyone (including me) is aware of it’s presence.

Weighing yourself everyday is not recommended by most especially as a woman, whose body weight fluctuates with the moon. However, the reason I weigh myself is to keep me inline. If I skip a few days, I lose track of what I am doing (tad scatter brained? as if the mountain of Nutrisystem didn’t clue me in?), and the scale is a contant reminder (right by the fridge). So why are frequent weigh ins not recommended? Because they can be so discouraging when you are doing everything right. Throughout the week, my weight can fluctuate back and forth 5 to 6 pounds. I have weighed as much as 144 this month, and this is my fourth Nutrisystem post; therefore, making month one as done.

When I had started, I recorded my weight and measurements. Then I measured/weighed in again this morning.

Measurement Start Week 4
Weight 138 lbs 136.8 lbs
Waist 29″ 27″
Belly 33″ 31″
Hips 39″ 37.5″
Thigh 21″ 20.5″

As you can see I only lost 1.2 pounds, which is way under the 2-3 pound a week norm. However, you can see that I lost a ton of inches (which is what counts most anyways. I do not do my measurements on a daily or even weekly basis. I like to do them monthly so I can see a huge change. I think the amount of inches I lost equals a HUGE SUCCESS for month one don’t you? So, don’t always measure your dieting success by the scale! Check in with your state of well-being, your energy levels, and you measurements to get the true measure of your success when you commit to losing weight and living healthier.
Just in case you missed them, here are my previous posts on my recent Nutrisystem Journey (the most recent first):

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  1. I agree, just because you’re not losing weight doesn’t mean it isn’t working-I have a lo more muscle then I do fat and when I see that I haven’t hardly lost any weight, I get discouraged but had to remind myself that I am doing it in other ways/places!
    Thanks for the reminder and keep up the good work, that is great!!

  2. Lol! I always pee before I weigh myself first thing in the morning too. 🙂 But congrats on the inches — it really is a better gauge of fitness.

  3. Congrats on the inches lost! Those are definitely the most important measurements to be tracking any way. It’s always a great feeling to measure yourself and see those inches just shrink away.

  4. Well done what a success! I have to agree with you weight isn’t everything after all muscle ways more than fat so if your changing your fat to muscle your bound to see it go up a little! x

  5. My Mom used Nutrisystem for about a year and a half and she lost about 75lbs of course she exercised also, but NS food is actually really good, I love their burritos! Congrats and keep up the good work!

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