Fassa Tails

Fassa Tails Where On Earth Am I

I have been looking for an interactive book for my daughter and I had the opportunity to review Fassa Tails Where On Earth Am I. I love to find unique new books that will keep my daughter interested and more importantly learning. She is home schooled so integrating a different learning tool is always welcomed in our home. This would also be a neat way to connect with your child when they are home on Spring break or summer vacation.

Spark Your Childs Creativity

The Planet Fassa book will spark your childs creativity and keep them entertained for hours. The book is two-part. One half of the book is a story and leads you down several paths keeping your child constantly involved with what will happen next. I loved that my daughter was so curious about the next phase and kept wanting to know more. As you are reading, you come across Flips (where you help Fassa stay on track by doing simple actions), Nuggets (activities that you can do with your family that are just like the things Fassa does in the story), Hidden Pictures (there are 3 of Fassa’s favorite things hidden throughout the book that you have to be on the lookout for) and Coloring Pages (the book is in black and white so you are able to color the pages and make them your own. The story is about a cat that woke up disoriented and couldn’t figure out where he was. When he realized he was in a cage, he got very upset and distressed. But then he saw a friendly face and felt safe…but the story doesn’t end there (in the next book from the series you can find out more). My daughter really enjoyed the story and loved coloring the pages. The activities were really great as well, most of which we could do as a family and really get everyone involved in the Fassa fun. The second half of the book is an activity book called 52 weeks of fun, with a worksheet to complete each week with various jokes, vocabulary words & definitions, quotes and an activity to complete. The idea is to read the first half of the book and then start completing the weeks because they reinforce each other by referring back to the story. The 52 weeks really asks awesome questions and challenges kids to think outside the box and really use their imagination. At the beginning of each week, we complete the worksheet for that week. It’s been a time that her and I both look forward to. I love that this is a book I will use every week for the whole year, I can’t say that about the other books I have purchased! You can purchase this book for $ 9.99.

Interactive Childrens Book

This is not only a book but an E-Adventure as well, I was so lucky to find an interactive childrens book that also has a fantastic website. You can read, play games and create your own stories on Planet Fassa. The only thing that limits you is your imagination. The website is regulated so you know your child is playing a game that’s not only educational but protected as well. The other books in the Fassa Tails series are: Ally Cat, ROWLF, My Fair Cat and The Extra-Ordinary Scientist (although Where On Earth Am I is the only book that includes the activity book). Check them out on Facebook for the newest releases!

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