Splurging while on a diet

Everyone who has ever tried to lose weight knows it is an uphill battle. We are constantly tempted with wafting smells of fresh baked cookies in the grocery store or being invited to fat-laden 7 course meals at their moms.  The kids get to eat little treats during the day, and pretty soon, even their goldfish crackers look like the forbidden fruit. Sometimes the temptation gets so great to go off my diet, I want to throw my hands up in the air and surrender to being unhappy and sentenced to sweats.

Splurging While On A Diet

There is hope, I have found, if you splurge in an educated and smart manner. Here are a few tips I use to keep me from feeling guilty splurging while on a diet.

  • Hydrate: Keeping your body hydrated is key. When you are dehydrated, you body signals your brain that you need to eat or drink. Before you splurge, drink a full glass of water.
  • Eat Several Small Meals: Eating smaller meals through out the day has been proven to boost your metabolism. You also reduce the chance of over-eating when you plan for a smaller meal or snack. Make sure your splurge is portion appropriate.
  • Eat Raw: Raw, fresh fruits, nuts  and vegetables are always a great choice to help you satisfy a sweet craving. Most are low glycemic index foods which also help you to fight the munchies and keep your sugar level down.
  • Eat Good Tasting Low Calorie Foods: When I allow myself a treat, I always make sure that it is full of flavor while still being low in calorie. There is nothing worse than scarfing a tasteless wafer to fill your belly just because you can eat four for under 100 calories. Almondina creates a very flavor-rich, natural ingredient cookie with an average calorie count of 27 calories a piece.

We all have that secret family recipe that everyone is dying to get their hands on. The special touch of love in the family lasagna or that delicious chocolate cake made with a little something extra. But the most priviest of recipes is homemade cookies. It usually stirs from your grandmother’s or even great grandmother’s kitchen with that secret ingredient that they won’t let out of the bag. Somehow, only a lucky few from the family tree receive the gift of grandma’s hidden recipe. One of those lucky family members goes by the name of Yuval Zaliouk, the founder of Almondina® Cookies.

Almondina Cookies

Almondina® came to be by one special person, Grandma Dina, who enjoyed cooking and sharing her delectable recipes with the whole family. But there one was one she was not willing to part with and that was her most secret cookie or as she liked to call it, Petit Gateau Sec. No one was able to pass up the chance to bite into this crispy wafer with its delicious hint of roasted almonds and the sweetness of raisins. They are also healthy for you too!  They have no added cholesterol with no added fat, salt or preservatives. Having a healthy cookie with great flavor is usually unheard of, but Grandma Dina accomplished both!

Long after her death, Grandma Dina’s grandson, Zaliouk, started perfecting the top secret cookie recipe starting in his kitchen. A few years later, naming the cookie after his grandma, Almondina® is now sold in every state of the United States and wanted by seven foreign countries. You can now find the Original flavor along with eight more delectable flavors all baked with the roasted almonds.  With fall drawing near, you might want to check out their incredible Pumpkin Spice option. All of your favorite fall spices, roasted almonds and pumpkin seeds rolled into one savory bite. For as low as $4 for a 4oz. personal bag you would be silly to not crunch into these! If you are having the family over for dinner, be sure to get the 24 pack for less than $67! Learn more by visiting Almondina®, and share Grandma Dina’s famous secret cookie.

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  1. So many flavors. The Anniversary tops my list because of the raisins. I like the almond and raisins combo.

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