Big Shot Pics Life Size Action Image Wall Clings

I am so excited for my godson Braden to get his Big Shot Pics life size action image sports wall clings and see the final product!!  Braden recently turned eight and is a HUGE sports fan. He love to watch sports on TV as well as play them in his spare time.  His real love when it comes to sports is football.  Braden has been playing for approximately three seasons now and is amazing.  The little man has talent!  The whole family recently moved into a beautiful new house in Maryland and his parents have decided to redo his room this year!  And of course, it was immediately decided that the sports theme would be perfect for Braden!

Sports Wall Clings for Kids

My friend Molly started searching for some sports wall clings for kids that she could decorate his room with.  She found some fun sports related clings with footballs and sports lingo but nothing that was different and special.  I came across Big Shot Pics while on my search for a perfect present for Braden and his new room.  Big Shot Pics offers a unique way to capture your memories in a life sized action image that can be displayed on your wall or on your locker or refrigerator!  Big Shot Pics offers three sizes: Big Shot, Half Shot and Locker Shot.  The Big Shot measures 3ft x 6ft and retails for $129.  The Half Shot measures 3ft x 2ft and retails for $99.  Finally the Locker Shot comes with three 18 inch copies of your image and are the perfect size for the refrigerator or locker!

Life Sized Wall Decals

I decided that the life sized wall decal that would work best in Braden’s room was the Half Shot.  The room is large but there isn’t a lot of large open areas on the walls that isn’t blocked by furniture or the bed.  The Half Shot is large enough to display the image without hiding it behind furniture.  Braden’s mom helped me pick out the perfect picture.  It was one of Braden’s favorites from the season so I know he’ll love it.  The Half Shot arrived in perfect condition, rolled up with brown paper and packaged in a long cardboard box.  The image comes on a large sheet of paper and is easily peeled off of the backing and applied to the wall.  I was a bit nervous about the application process but it comes with easy to read and follow directions.  Three easy steps and its on the wall.  First, unroll the Big Shot Pic and let it lie flat, undisturbed, until it relaxes, about 30 minutes.  Next, wash hands as greasy, oily fingers can interfere with the product adhering to the wall.  Finally, peel your image off the paper and position it on the wall.  Smooth the image from center to the edge, removing all the air bubbles.  Voila!  Your image is on the wall and looks great!  I can’t wait to see the final product hung in Braden’s newly remodeled room!!

Big Shot Pics is the best company to buy your life sized wall clings!  The Customer Service is second to none and the product is outstanding and affordable!  I will definitely recommend all my friends to this company!  Follow them on Facebook for the latest product information!

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