Spreading Holiday Cheer

It is the time of year that many people are caught up in the whirlwind of shopping, cooking, parties and other holiday activities, they miss opportunities of spreading holiday cheer.  I know for myself, it is easy to get so focused in our planning and participating that we forget those who may not be able to celebrate as much.  I find myself repeating that tried and true statement of “it is the thought that counts” to my kids but I wonder if they truly understand the meaning.  Recently the kids and I were out running errands and I went over to a nearby coffee shop for a cup of hot chocolate for the kids.  While standing in line, an older couple came over and handed the kids a gift card, which would cover the cost of their drinks.  Henry said thank you and asked why they were giving them away to people they didn’t know.  The woman told him that they recently had a stranger do something nice for them and they wanted to “pay it forward” so to speak.  We were all touched by the simple act that spoke volumes for the couple as well as to the kids.

During the cold months, my husband and Henry get terrible winter colds and they are miserable for days at a time.  One thing we DON’T want to share this season is germs that can cause a cold or the flu.  Henry is especially sensitive and his little nose gets so red from the repeated blowing of his nose.  The only brand of tissues I use are Kleenex brand as they are the only I have found they are gentle enough but don’t rip apart as easily as many of their competitors do.  Kleenex has a wonderful program currently running that makes sharing and caring so easy! For every bundle you purchase,  Kleenex will donate one Care Pack which includes: a lip balm, 1 oz. of hand sanitizer, a coupon book, a slim pack of Kleenex tissues and a card for a free download from many of your favorite up and coming Universal Music Artists.  For every single box you purchase, Kleenex will donate one share pack of Kleenex.

We got a care box for each of the kids and I kept them with me while we were out running errands on a busy Saturday.  I told them they were to choose who they wanted to give their box to.  We were at the grocery store and as we were walking down the cereal aisle, a young woman sneezed.  Henry walked up and said “Bless You” and she thanked him.  Then he told her he had something she may want to use for her cold she apparently had and he give her the box.  If you could have seen her eyes get big at first and then you could just see the joy she felt for being given this box by a young boy.  Then she thanked him, winked at me and she was on her way.  Caitlin gave her box to an older gentleman who was using one of the electric chairs at the discount store.  She walked up and told him she had a little present for him and handed him the box.  He opened it and told her it was just what she needed and thanked her over and over again.  I honestly don’t know who benefited more from this experience; the people who received the boxes, the kids who found such joy in the spirit of giving of the very proud mom!

In order to spread your own slice of happiness to another, simply purchase your bundle or box from Kleenex, and redeem your code to send a care pack to someone special. You can find out more on their Facebook page.

I wrote this review while participating in an ambassador program by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of the Kleenex brand and received product samples and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.