When you start the spring cleaning process, it can be easy to overlook your car as one of the areas that could use a good scrub. However, months of grime can add up and if you don’t regularly see to your vehicle’s hygiene, it can get pretty disgusting inside.

Spring cleaning is especially necessary for stored or classic cars that will be back on the streets in the warmer weather. For specialized classic car spring cleaning, you can find more information at https://www.chicmoto.com/. Otherwise, while you are creating a plan of attack for your annual spring cleaning spree, be sure to incorporate these important steps in family car care.


One of the main stressors in a family vehicle is the seemingly endless clutter that comes from transporting children. Kids seem to have an innate skill for conveniently forgetting to take things out of the car after bringing them in. Go through your car and collect any garbage and leftover toys that your children have left behind. Alternatively, put the onus on them to go collect whatever they want before you clean if they wish to keep their belongings.

If you drive often and like to have activities available for your kids, use over-the-seat storage compartments or tote bins in the back to store your extra goods. In the future, consider adding a “no empty hands” rule that requires everyone to grab something when leaving the vehicle. Don’t forget to tidy the trunk as well.

Carpets and Upholstery

Carpets and upholstery hold the most dirt and debris from the winter months and are guaranteed to be filthy again by the end of summer. Start by removing mats, vacuuming them, and giving them a good scrub. Then move onto the interior floors and seats with a vacuum. Consider renting a steam cleaner, or using a spray-on scrub that can be removed with a water-friendly industrial vacuum.

If you have leather upholstery, take care to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and purchase cleaning products that pertain to its care. If in doubt, stick with a cloth dampened with warm water to clean the surface of your upholstery.

Consoles, Nooks, and Crannies

Consoles collect a surprising amount of grime throughout the year. Whether it’s dust particles and dirt from driving with the windows down in the summer or splashes of coffee from hitting bumps, it doesn’t take long for a thick layer of oily dirt to accumulate.

Start by doing a dry run with a cotton rag or dusting sheet to collect the bulk of the loose particles. You can also do a sweep using a vacuum with a brush fixture on the end. When that step is complete, follow with a spray cleaner or water dampened cloth to polish and shine. You may need a toothbrush to get into some of the tighter areas, such as the vent covers. Take time to go over everything with a disinfectant cloth.

Windows and Exterior

Windows collect a lot of dust, fingerprints, and whatever happens to be on the fingers at the time of contact. Wipe the inside windows down with cleaner and a rag. Polish to prevent streaking.

The exterior of the car can use a good, all-over scrub. Soak the car, and apply soap with a cotton cloth. Rinse well, taking care to get in under the wheel wells. Consider applying a rain guard on your windows and windshield at this time. Additionally, now is a good time to apply wax (either liquid or polish) to your vehicle, as long as it isn’t too sunny and hot or you have a garage. Now is also a great time to assess and perform any routine maintenance, such as windshield wiper replacement.

Whether preparing your classic car for another season on the streets or tidying up your family’s old faithful, spring cleaning can eliminate germs, maintain your investment, and increase the lifespan of your ride.


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