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Four Spring Cleaning Short Cuts

Ok folks, it is just about spring and we have some cleaning to do! You know that annual ritual of spring cleaning the house, garage, attic, etc.? Well, it is that time already! After the winter we had, it is even more important to get down and do some deep cleaning and purging. I am one of those rare people who actually enjoys to clean! It gives me a sense of accomplishment, makes my house look and smell great and outs me in a good mood. With that said, I prefer to not spend my entire weekend doing my spring cleaning. I use these tricks to get it done more efficiently and much faster:

4 Tricks To Make Spring Cleaning Easier

  1. Windows: I used to concentrate on the inside of the windows as I did on the outside. Don’t! Just get yourself a broom, your hose and some Windex Outdoor Multi-Surface and you are good to go. Use the broom for the debris that has built up over the winter and then spray the heck out of the windows with your hose!
  2. Curtains: Instead of taking all of your curtains and drapes down, steam them instead. Use a handheld steamer and find a good fabric odor eliminator and wrinkle release. For heavy drapes, you may need to vacuum first. Easy peasy!
  3. Mattresses: I never know what to do with my mattresses to get them fresh. Well, problem solved! Sprinkle baking soda, let sit for one hour and vacuum with your handheld attachment!
  4. Carpets: I have a carpet steamer, but not everyone does. If you do not, try focusing on the heavy traffic areas with a good caret stain and odor remover. Another option is one of my favorite cheats; an area or runner.

I am more busy than ever these days and I just do not have the time to clean the way I would like to. That is why these spring cleaning short cuts work so well for me. I have some carpet and some hard floors and cleaning each is so different. Give me a mop on a hard floor surface any day! I hate how long it takes to steam clean the carpets, although I do love the way they turn out!

Which of these spring cleaning short cuts would you find most useful?

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