Spring Clothes For Women

With warm weather coming soon, you probably are looking for spring clothes for women.  I live in the south, so it gets really warm here towards the end of April, so we pretty much leap from cold winter weather to warm spring weather in a matter of a few days.  With that said, I don’t have a lot of spring clothes to tide me over during the weather transition.  Since I work from home and don’t interact as much with other humans, my work uniform is a pair of men’s pajama pants and a tee shirt.  I am bad about not buying myself clothes and this became evident a few days ago.  My neighbor and I were talking and I had on a “dressier” pair of pajama bottoms and a button up top.  My neighbor asked if I was going somewhere and I said no to which he said “well we always see you in your pajamas, so I thought you were going out!  OK, that is embarrassing!!  So, it appears I must look for a few new items for my wardrobe.

I was introduced to the Alight Company a few months ago and I fell in love!  As a plus sized gal, it can be hard to find cute clothes in bigger sizes.  I think you go from cute clothes up to a size 16 and potato sacks from an 18 and up!!  Who is designing these clothes anyway?  I know it isn’t a woman who wears plus sized apparel or they wouldn’t be so ugly!!  The Alight Company has a HUGE selection of gorgeous apparel for the plus sized woman.  For someone who is a self-professed non-fashion-ista, I was looking through their online store for a few hours!!  I was drooling over just about everything they sell.  If you are a plus sized woman and you want some really trendy, comfortable and reasonably priced clothes, Alight is ALL-Right with me!!

Tops That Make You Feel Beautiful

When you are a plus sized woman, it is hard to find tops that make you feel beautiful. Norman from Alight told me he would send me an article of clothing of his choosing to review and it would be a surprise.  That was OK with me since I would have had a tough time selecting just one item to review!  I received the most adorable top I have seen since gaining all my weight.  It is bad enough to be so much heavier than you used to be and then to not wear anything cute is sad.  It is said if you don’t wear pretty clothes, you don’t feel pretty and that is so true.  My top is made of lightweight cotton in such a pretty pattern and it fits so great!  This is much better than a potato sack, I can tell you that!!

One reader will win an article of clothing chosen by Alight with a value up to $60.00

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