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Spring Reunion 2017 At Spirit of the Swannee Music Park

Another wonderful time had at the Spirit of Suwannee Music Park nestled in a little corner in Live Oak. Spirit of Suwannee is home to many of my favorite festivals and my kids music camp twice a year. Most recently we, (Nail Travels & Makobi Scribe) attended the Suwanne Spring Reunion Festival, which is just that to me. Over the years, I have cultivated lifelong friendships and look forward to camping with these folks twice a year to get my fill of nonsense and tomfoolery.

Donna the Buffalo, “Adept at weaving messages of hope in with social commentary, Donna The Buffalo is shaped by the multi-faceted skills of the dynamic duo of front line musicians Jeb Puryear and Tara Nevins. As these two artists show, the best way to connect with a crowd is to create music that speaks from the heart and to share it as honestly as possible. After countless sold out shows that span decades, it they seem to have perfected their craft.” This is the essence of what Suwannee Music Park is all about.

This year at the Reunion, my favorite new-to-me-artist was Tornado Riders. I am a fan of their funky, off-beat style, and their impromptu ability to turn a whimsical ask from the crowd into a ditty-turned song delivered in a lanky, full-of-personality cello player package.

The boys had fun-filled days with new friends, soon to be old.

Sliding on a makeshift slip and slide in the big field.

Mason at the campsite with Luke.

The kids tent allowed parent-free or parent-enriched participation with painting, carnivals, clowns and more.

Space Bug

Our campsite view…We are going to be staying at the Spirit of Suwannee Music Park until the next festival Wannee, so stay tuned for more festival updates.

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