There are many reasons to why you want to spy on other people’s text messages, what your reasons may be I am not the judge of that, however many people mainly parents and business owners are now making use of techniques that allow them to monitor their children and employees text messages.

Being able to spy on text messages defiantly has its benefits and provides a certain peace of mind, however, it is too large a responsibility for most people to deal with and then only does spying on text messages become dangerous.

How to see someone’s text without their phones

Some of the many reasons why people make use of text spying applications is for the safety of their children both online and offline.

One example was a single father who noticed that his son was becoming very distant and withdraw, not knowing what was going on and having approached his son and being told nothing was wrong he decided to install text spying software on his sons devices to try and see what the problem was, least to say he was quite shocked to find that is son was a victim of cyber bullying across many of his social media accounts.

Having discovered this he was able to speak to his son and help him through the issue of his son being bullied on social media.

Now using this example the father of this boy installed the software on his son’s mobile device, which allowed him to see what was happening to his son from his device, without having to access his son’s accounts and devices.

How to spy on text messages without installing software?

The only way for you as a parent, business owner or even partner can spy on text messaging without having access to the device or allowing the person to send messages through your account is to install some sort of spy or text message monitoring software. The reason why this is so is that modern day mobile software makes it pretty hard for anyone to hack into a device, without needing to have some sort of software installed within the devices root directory.

So at the moment unless you want to get in trouble with the law the only way for you be able to access the device’s messages is to install a sort of spy monitoring software onto the person’s device.

To conclude

To end things off, I understand that there are many reasons to why people would want to install spy software onto someone’s devices. Due to the nature and responsibility of installing software that is able to track all messages coming into a device from all social media accounts, it is important to remember that you are monitoring the device for any threats that your loved ones may receive or any potential issues that may arise from groups which do not benefit your loved ones and may harm them.

At the moment the only way to monitor messages is to make use of the software.