Do It Yourself Sqwishlander

There is nothing more satisfying than finding a new toy, especially one that your child can create on their own!  I had the opportunity to review Sqwishland, a do-it-yourself 5″ unpainted rare Sqwishlander.  Its a new interactive toy that you can paint and create all on your own.  I received the frog and it was very fitting because I have had several close encounters with frogs recently!  With all our Florida rain, we have tons of frogs and one was just waiting for me to open my door and pounce on me!  Then one morning when we woke up there were thousands of baby frog hopping all over the sidewalk (and by baby I mean so small they were the size of my finger nail).  So our house has a new found love for frogs and with all the rain we have been getting what a great toy to play with on the rainy days of summer.

Painting Crafts for Preschoolers and Teenagers

My daughter loved painting her frog, you would have thought she was Picasso!  She asked me not to interrupt her that she was creating and didn’t need any distractions!  This of course made me chuckle and gave me some free time to do something fun for me.  This kept her entertained for the whole afternoon, between the painting, drying and then playing with her new Sqwishlander.  She named her frog Mr. Froggy and he accompanies us almost everywhere!

Interactive Online Games for Preschoolers and Teenagers

Once you are finished with you creation you can take a picture of it and upload it to the Sqwishland website for all to see.  The online community votes on their favorite creations once a month. There is also an online game that you can play with your secret Sqwishcode you receive with your purchase, it is free to play the game (you can have full access to the game with a premium account).

Perfect gift for the holidays

The box contains an unpainted Sqwishland character, the paints and paint brush.  This is wonderful because its a package deal, you have everything you need to create the Sqwishlander of your dreams.  The DIY Sqwishland is affordably priced at $9.99, they also have a Parrot to choose from.  What a great gift idea for birthdays and the holidays.  You can also use this as an activity during a birthday party or play date.  I know I am always looking for something unique to give as a gift instead of the same old stuff all the time.  This will be my go-to gift for both boys and girls this year!  You can find them on Facebook.
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