I get so giddy when I see my kids cute pictures, but doesn’t any mom?  The thing with cute kids is that they get SUPER messy, and my Mason is no different.  Thank goodness I found Maricole Designs.  What I love most about these bibs is that they have this handy dandy collar to keep them on.  Mason always pulls his off, and this is the first bib I have found that stays on him!  Jakobi is lucky enough, says me, to be able to wear the very same design to show you the versatility of this creation.  One size truly does fit all.  My boys are two years apart in age, and this bib fits both well.  In addition to these bibs, Maricole designs also sent me a set of burp cloths with a unique shape to fit nicely on your shoulder.  Check them out on her Etsy shop along with all her other items.  You can purchase a bib like this from Maricole Designs for $6.00 or you can win this bib just in time for St. Patrick’s Day below.

  Pull Over Baby / Toddler Bib - Shamrock Print    

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