Nanny’s Front Room supplied me with this cute front door wreath just in time to celebrate St.  Patrick’s Day. (See Jakobi peeking through the door watching me take the picture?)  Now every one of my mommy friends will know they might get pinched if they come over on St. Patty’s Day.  
Nanny’s Front Door Room specializes in  gifts made with love.  She states, “Whether if it is making a bow by hand, or threading the needle to sew the last flower petal, all of my creations are made with lots of love and attention.”  You can really see this in the quality of her work.  You could even see in the way she packaged the wreath, the care and the love she has for her products carries on to her packaging to make sure they arrive from her home to yours in perfect condition.  Check out her quality products at her Etsy store and you will see what I mean.  You can purchase a wreath like this on sale right now for $30.00.