Stacking Food Storage Containers

Stacking Food Storage Containers

I have been in need of some stacking food storage containers for a good while now. The house we moved into has very little storage space in the kitchen, so compact and stacking containers were the only solution to this problem. I keep my lids under the sink and the plastic containers on one shelf in one of our 3 cabinets. It is not the best system for storage as you need to hunt for a container and then you go to a different spot to dig around and find the matching lid. The other issue I have is living with children who have a learning problem when it comes to re-sealing cereal boxes and snack bags of chips, pretzels, etc. I cannot tell you how many times I have gone to get cereal or a handful of pretzels and they are stale. I HATE that! So, not only did I need to find good storage containers that would stack and save space, I had to find a line that also produced food storage for dry goods.

The Sistema (which means system in Italian) is a company from New Zealand that started out being developed in a garage 20 years ago to being a top competitor in the plastic food storage industry.  Sistema sells to millions of customers in more than 19 countries. Although those numbers are impressive, it wouldn’t mean anything if they didn’t make one of the most cleverly designed and well-made, BPA free, easy to use storage systems around. The collection includes the Klip it system with it clever blue clips that started the company’s expansion from New Zealand to Australia. Now Sistema has designed and manufactures the To-go, Microwave and Lunch lines which are unique in appearance, convenience and versatility.

Microwaveable Food Containers

When I was given the opportunity to review some of the Sistema products, I was interested in the microwavable food containers. I have a bad habit of making too much rice and then I can’t get it to reheat properly in the microwave. The other issue I have it when I am cooking fresh vegetables, it never turns out right when I try to cook it in the microwave. I was given the medium microwave streamer (retail $13.34). All I had to do was add a small amount of water to the bottom compartment, then I added broccoli to the colander and put on the lid with the steam vent left open and set the timer for 5 minutes and it came out perfect! I am I LOVE with these products! I was also given the dry food container with a cup (retail $11.99). It is meant for flour or sugar but we preferred to put Cocoa Puffs in it! This makes it so easy to serve as well as portion control your servings. The kids have wanted to eat cereal every morning which is fine by me! The last item we received, which is Caitlin’s favorite is the Klip It salad container (retail $7.62). The cool thing is you can put the lettuce in the bottom, then you add your toppings in the middle piece that keeps the salad and the toppings from mushing in with each other. There is a small container for your dressing that fits into the lid.  The lid has a spoon and fork that clips together to make a full size utensil! The Klip It design keeps all your food fresh and in one convenient container.  I am in love with my Sistema food storage containers and cannot wait to get more to add to my collection!

One winner will be given a set of the Sistema food storage containers with a retail value of $50.

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