Start A Family Tradition With The Lionel Peanuts Christmas Train Set

I have a lot of amazing memories from the Christmas’ of my childhood. My sister and I are 11.5 months apart, so we had a lot of the same interests and wore the same size, so we could share a lot of our toys. I remember one year we got this set that you plugged in and mixed and poured this liquid into a metal mold. The mold would heat up and the liquid would set and you would have a rubber flower, bug or critter. We would open one gift on Christmas Eve and the rest of the gifts would wait under the tree for the morning. My mom would wrap everything in our stockings so we had more to open. I have carried on the same traditions with my kids and we have created a few of our own. Each year we make a cake instead of cookies and leave a slice with a glass of milk for Santa (my husband hates cookies lol).

We also leave reindeer food outside to lure the reindeer to our house so Santa can deliver our gifts. Last year we decided to make our own ornaments and committed to doing it every year. My grandmother had a train under her tree and my sister and I would lie on the floor next to it and could watch it for hours. This year I am going to start a family tradition with the Lionel Peanuts Christmas train set and have it under our tree.

The Lionel Peanuts Christmas Train Set Is Something To Be Treasured

The Lionel Peanuts Christmas Train Set Is Something To Be Treasured

I have always been fascinated with trains and love to read books and watch documentaries about them. Henry also loves trains, which I am assuming he got from me and all the books I have read to him over the years. When I found I was being sent two things Henry really loves this year from my buddy Alison Hill, I actually cried! When Alison asked me if I was interested in receiving a train with the Peanuts gang on it, I could not believe my luck! I immediately knew the Lionel Peanuts Christmas Train Set is something to be treasured! It has everything a train fanatic could want including individual pieces, tracks and even smoke fluid and a whistle for a realistic effect! lionelpin-001 This Lionel Trains Peanuts Christmas Set has the locomotive pulling a gondola, boxcar, and caboose. The tracks include 3 straight FasTrack sections, 8 curved FasTrack sections and a FasTrack terminal section. The train moves forward as well as in neutral and reverse. The Christmas trees on the gondola are a cute touch and the boxcar has doors that open and close and interior lights. The cars are made extremely well, as you would expect from a Lionel product. The Lionel Peanuts Christmas Train Gondola

The cars of the train and the tracks fit together easily and the controls are super easy to use. It literally took about 5 minutes to set it up and have it running. What took the longest was to decide to put the train under the tree or out on the floor so the kids could play with it. This is so much more than a toy, but rather an experience, radiation, history and fun all wrapped into one! There is nothing that says classic history like the name Lionel when it comes to trains. This makes a fantastic gift for your family that will last for many generations to come. Here is a great video to give you a chance to see the train in action! One USA reader will win a Lionel Trains Peanuts Christmas Set $369.99


  1. I love Linus! He believes in the Great Pumpkin when no one else will, and he also teaches Charlie Brown the true meaning of Christmas! He was one smart kid!

  2. I like Schroeder – I find it funny because they are kids and that’s exactly how it is. Lucy likes him but he has no interest whatsoever in her (he will when he’s older, haha)

  3. Snoopy has always been my favorite. He is just too cute and I love his wit! Thank you for the super giveaway opportunity. Keep up the terrific blogging.

  4. Snoopy is the best! Charles Schultz got the beagle traits down pat, I’ve owned 3 and his portrayal is comic but accurate! My first beagle did a “Snoopy dance” and the vulture look, and others do the snake slither!

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