Start to Finish Children’s Educational DVD

My four year old son LOVES watching TV and has really enjoyed the Start to Finish Children’s Educational DVD.  I don’t like to let him sit in front of the television watching mindless shows for hours on end.  I always try to incorporate something educational into his television routine so he is learning something as he watches.  My son also has a short attention span so its hard to get him to watch anything for a prolonged period of time.  He usually gets bored half way through the show and wants to start something new.

Educational DVDs for preschoolers

Its always difficult for me to find educational DVDs for preschoolers that are both insightful and interesting to them.  The Start to Finish DVD was a big hit in our house.  The video stars Whoops and Bubbs, who are two bright and aminiated characters.   The DVD teaches children how some of their favorite things are created from start to finish.  There are four different segments that they explored.  The first segment is called “Moo-ve over: Lets Learn about Milk” and shows how the milk gets from the cow to your house!  The second segment is called “Thats A-Peeling: Time to Get to the Core of How Applesauce is Made” and shows the delicious steps of making applesauce, from the orchard to the jar!  The third segment is called “Toss it Up: Pizza in the Making” and teaches kids about the history of pizza as well as the art of creating it into the yummy creation that we love to eat!  The final segment is called “Fire it Up: A Day in the Life of a Firefighter” and walks you through the day of a figrefighter!

Children’s DVD Movies

Start to Finish is one of the children’s DVD movies that I would recommend to my friends to show their children.  Not only is it interesting and educational, its also fun.  The video was created for children ages 2-7 years old but even my 17 month old sat and watched some of it!  I love how there are four segments to the DVD so you don’t have to watch the whole video at once.  The video held my son’s attention well and he liked learning about how things are created, espcially the segment about pizza!  It also stimulated him to want to do free play after the movie was over and we did a “make your own pizza” night!  Great DVD for anyone with young children!

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