Journey Gym Open

I have not been able to exercise since I tore 2 tendons in my right foot the day before Thanksgiving last year. I am not here to kid you into thinking I was an avid exerciser to begin with, so do take note of that. What is embarrassing is that the two times that I successfully lost weight in my life was when I had added exercise to dieting. A few years ago, I had lost 33 pounds and that was only possible from walking 4-6 miles every day. When I started on my Medifast weight loss program, I knew it would be best to add exercise to the program. With my injury, I was unable to exercise as I had a walking cast on my leg for almost 4 months. Now that it has been removed, I have the ok from my doctor to gradually add exercise into my day. He just cautioned me to take it easy in the beginning as I could easily re-injure that area, and if that were to happen, I could do some permanent damage. When I heard about the Journey Gym portable gym system, I knew it would be perfect for my situation.

Journey Gym Underneathe

I could not suppress my joy when I found out I was being blessed with a Journey Gym system. What I was most interested in was trying the program to see how it could be so effective and yet so easy on my body. I mean most exercising is painful, at least to begin with, right? When the Journey Gym Core Package was delivered, I could not wait to get it opened up and check it out! I received the:

  • Journey Gym portable system
  • FITBOOK journal
  • Core 4 G.R.I.T. DVD package
  • Nutrition Guide with 30 recipes, shopping list and 12 week goal guide
  • 1 Year free membership to the Health Is A Journey Community
  • Additional resistance bands

Starting An Exercise Program Is Easy With Journey Gym

Starting An Exercise Program Is Easy With Journey Gym

The Journey Gym is super easy to set up because everything you need is right there in the system itself. All you do is take the 8 legs and insert them into the underside of the Journey Gym, remove the metal handles and flip it over. Next you choose a routine you want to try, decide on the level of resistance and attach the resistance bands to the Carabiner at the opposite end of the handle, which has a retractable “leash”. There are 5 bands on either end of the Journey Gym, and you will choose how many bands you will use based on the level of intensity of the retraction you desire: 1 for the least and all 5 for the most. I chose to use just 1 for my first workout.

Starting an exercise program is easy with Journey Gym because everything is laid out for you and is easy to follow. For the workouts, you can chose from 5,10,15, and 20 minute workouts as well as customized workouts which can be any length you choose. You can do the workouts on the videos, online or you can make your own videos by dragging sections of workouts from a ton of videos on the Journey Gym website. I love this feature because I can customize my workouts for a specific area of your body to work out, length of the video, music, the sequence of your exercises and anything else you can think of. I played around with and it was so much fun and so cool. Another feature I absolutely love about the Journey Gym workouts is the timer in the top corner of each exercise, which are all timed to be 1 minute in length. This makes it so easy to keep up with your routines and it made it super easy to make my own video. One more favorite feature is the switching between cardio and resistance training.

Journey Gym Video Clip

Each routine has 1 minute of cardio and then you will do 1 minute of resistance and then back to 1 minute of cardio and so on until the end of the video. This is just fantastic because you are getting such a great balance of fat burning and toning. Let me tell you how much of a wimp I have let myself become! I got my Journey Gym all set up and decided to choose the first 10 minute video on the DVD and after about 4 minutes, I was huffing and puffing like the Big Bad Wolf! It was so embarrassing! I have had the Journey Gym a week now and I have used it 4 times. I would have used it more but I had a bit of a tummy virus over the weekend and I was not up for any exercising.

I just love my Journey Gym and I cannot wait to see the results I know I am going to get! This is something that is easy to set up and use and when I am done, it folds up and slides under my bed. The routines are easy to follow and at just 10 minutes each, I am getting through where with other programs, they were so long, I never could finish them and would get frustrated and quit. This is a system that was made for people just like me and it is going to help me to become a healthier and slimmer me before I know it!