Today’s post is sponsored by Discover Boating, but my love for the boating lifestyle is all my own! This summer just might be one of my best yet. I am starting it out on a boating adventure for 8 days. I’m hopping from island to island (yes, right now!) spending my days in the sun with the wind in my hair. Ever since I was a little girl I have been drawn to the magical properties of the sea.


I am on a Turkish gullet which is 31 meters and has 12 passengers and 5 crew. It is an experience I would recommend to everyone no matter the stage of life they’d happen to be in. I am swimming to islands only a small percentage of the world’s population will ever see. I have learned to fish with a Turkish hand reel and I have met wonderful people from all over the world. All this has been possible because of a boat.


Thankfully I will be able to continue my boating adventures when I return home as I live on the river. I have a pontoon boat, 4 kayaks, a standup paddleboard, kneeboard, and just acquired a 3 person dinghy for fishing. I am in love with boating and encourage all those near the water to own and those who aren’t to look into renting. Discover which boat is best suited for you at Discover Boating.


One way to Discover Boating is to check out the Get on the water tool. For those looking to get their feet wet, is an unbiased online resource to explore the enjoyment and accessibility of the boating lifestyle.

Do you have a love for water? Do you fish, cruise, wakeboard or sail?