Craft Room Ideas

How do you view your craft room? It might be part of a family home where other people are welcome to come and feel energized and inspired, where an element of mess is taken as read. Then again, you may be desperate for some well-earned isolation and your craft room is more about shutting yourself away to relax and be creative. Whatever you need to achieve, take a journey into self-expression and discovery.

Getting the decoration to work for you: A craft room is a place where the imagination can be set free from the constraints of everyday life. It’s not just about logic and reason, but about creating surroundings that combine reality with dreams.

Using color and texture on walls, floors and furniture can change the mood of the room, create a space that becomes an oasis and also says something about the room’s owner. That individuality is a rich type of expression, which can continue to be developed, feeding the imagination with furniture that sparks conversation, is functional in unusual ways or is just simply eye-catching.

Making a statement: Statement furniture must of course say something powerful. It is bold and unique, adding character and interest to the room. It doesn’t have to be just furniture, it could be an accessory, but the pieces chosen must connect personally with the individual and speak for them.

They are fantastic conversation pieces. They start people thinking and then talking, sparking all sorts of exchanges that build interest and friendship.

The chosen piece could be something admired and could set the agenda for the rest of the decoration. A particularly high quality item deserves its own recognition and leads onto other ideas and complementary furnishings. Alternatively, it might be a case of going back to past interests and making a statement out of an object or piece of furniture that reflects them. Either way, they will inspire creative thinking and be an instant talking point with others.

Incorporating statement pieces to best effect: It is necessary for the individual to fully understand his or her tastes so that they look in the right places. If retro is the chosen style, boutiques and used furniture stores are going to be better sources of inspiration than the latest trend-setting retailer. If functionality or specific styles are a big priority, then a store that offers customized pieces would be the place to go.

If an old item can be used for a new purpose it will make the owner smile every time it is used. There are lots of creative storage ideas using furniture in new ways. Perhaps old tins could become filing boxes or a tailor’s dummy be used to display fabrics? Old shop fittings make great statement storage pieces and units that might be intended for the kitchen are perfect work spaces for craft rooms.

The key is to allow dreams to take shape with paint effects, distressed appearances or colorful accessories. This is the room where it is possible to make a personal statement; a place where nobody else sets the agenda, so enjoy the task by making those bold statements with furniture and objects that tell a story about the past and lead on to the next chapter.