Stay Cool This Summer

Stay Cool This Summer

When it is too hot out to play, let the kids stay cool this summer with Dino Dan!  Our favorite up and coming paleontologist has a new adventure just in time for the summer.  I hate that the kids can’t play outside as much this year due to the record breaking temperatures we have had.  I don’t mind the kids watching television as they are really good about balancing it out with other activities.  When they do watch television, I like them to watch a show that is fun and informative at the same time. Even though summer break is here, I love to incorporate a lesson when the kids aren’t expecting it!  One of our favorite shows that we just can’t get enough of is Dino Dan from NCircle Entertainment.

NCircle Entertainment is the company who brings such great DVD’s for kids like Dino Dan.  The DVD’s from NCircle are fun, engaging, and colorful and the kids won’t even know they are learning!  NCircle has won so many awards due to their dedication to bringing families the quality entertainment they expect.  I do want to mention an amazing program called K.I.D.S. (Kids In Distressed Situations).  NCircle solicits donations from children who provide clothing, shoes, toys, books, educational items and baby products.  The K.I.D.S. program brings these items to families that have been living in poverty or has been displaced by a natural disaster.  It is for this as well as the quality entertainment NCircle brings that keeps them close to my heart.
Dino Dan Adventures

Dino Dan Adventures

If you aren’t familiar with the Dino Dan adventures and show, I will give you a quick summary.  Dan Henderson, “Dino Dan”, is a 10 year old boy who LOVES dinosaurs!  Dan lives with his mom, who is a police officer and brother and his dog Doug.  In Dan’s world, not only are dinosaurs found in books, but they are found everywhere!  When Dan needs answers to questions, he goes to the dinosaur to help him.  Dan studies the dinosaurs and works with them to solve his mysteries.  Dino Dan is not alone in his adventures, bringing his classmates and teachers into this world of dinosaurs, although he is the only one who can see the big creatures.

In the latest adventure from Dino Dan, “Where the Dinosaurs Are”, Dan helps a baby Triceratops navigate its way around a mean Spinosaurus.  We also get to learn why the T-Rex has such short arms (which I have no idea why).  While on an overnight adventure at the Royal Ontario Museum, a pesky dinosaur steals a T-Rex claw and the craziness begins!  What a precious story!  The baby Triceratops is just the cutest dinosaur and you are rooting for him to get past that past Spinosaurus! Watch a short preview clip. Henry loves this show because he is also 10 and has an obsession with dinosaurs (as evidenced by the picture of the decals on his wall).  The story runs for 45 minutes but seems like 15 because the storyline is so fast paced.  This is sure to be a hit with your child as well as yourself.

One reader will win a copy of the Where The Dinosaurs Are ($5.99) from NCircle Entertainment.

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