Stay Hydrated This Summer

Stay Hydrated This Summer

When the temperatures are as high as they have been these past few weeks, it is crucial that you stay hydrated this summer.  Both the very young and the elderly are the groups that can dehydrate the quickest, but any of us can fall victim quickly.  You should always drink plenty of water while trying to stay hydrated when the temperatures are high.  Many people think as long as you drink something, it will keep you from dehydrating. This is actually a myth.  There are only two things that you should drink to stay hydrated; water or an electrolyte replacement drink, like Pedialyte or a sports drink.  It is always best to drink water whenever possible in order to replenish any lost fluids from heavy perspiration and hot temperatures.

If you are going to need plenty of water this summer, you can at least do it with style, right?  Kor Water is a company that is committed to saving our planet while offering sleek, stylish containers that are safe to drink from.  Kor understands the importance of water both for our bodies as well as for the planet.  By doing this, they are able to fulfill their mission, which is, “Protect and Celebrate Water”. Since the launch of Kor in 2008, this company has been focused on being an environmentally responsible company, which is why they joined the 1% for the Planet organization.  This wonderful organization requires companies to donate 1% of their annual sales to a list of non-profit companies that work with 1% for the Planet. I am pleased to add the Kor to my list of companies who are awesome that give back Hall of Fame.  Ironically, virtually every member of my Hall of Fame are companies whose philosophy is to protect our planet by providing products that are a green alternative to other like products in that industry.  Please take a moment to show your support to being green by liking Kor on Facebook or follow then on Twitter.

Eco Friendly Water Bottles

In my trying to be green, I only use eco-friendly water bottles for my family.  We recycled all of our water bottles that were not BPA free and safe for us to drink from and replaced them with a greener alternative.  When I was given the chance to review two of the Kor bottles, I did some research on the company.  I found that Kor started a program in 2009 called Thirst For Giving. This absolutely amazing program links a water related cause to a particular color bottle from Kor.  This made it all the more meaningful to carry a Kor product with the knowledge that by buying a Kor bottle, you are supporting a worthwhile cause.  I was given the Kor Aura in green ($14.95) and the Kor Vida in white ($24.95) and we LOVE them.  The kids snatched the bottles up and immediately filled them with water and announced they were ready to go to the park!  Well, if you are going to go out, there is no better way than with a bottle from Kor!!

One reader will win their choice of either the 750 ml Kor Aura ($14.95) or the 750 ml Kor Vida ($24.95), in their choice of color.

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