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So, my trip to Las Vegas went rather well. I was able to eat my shakes every morning, and the buffet spreads they had enabled me to select a hard boiled egg and some fruit. For lunch I ate salad a with a slice or two of lunch meat. Maybe I might have had a roll, but I was pretty close to sticking to my diet. I did not gain any weight.  Even though I did not lose any, I still call that a success. I am 144 and a size 8. This is 4 sizes different than what I was when I started. Not bad I tell you!

Last night I went to dinner with my friends and I had a salad. Good job Jen! I do not know if I will be stuck in limbo at the 140’s, but at least I am not ranging back up into the 150’s. I thought I would never get away from that area! IF you keep on track following the program, you really can do it.

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