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Steam Mops For Cleaning From Euro Pro Review

Steam Mops For Cleaning

I have been thinking of trying out steam mops for cleaning my floors. I am tired of buying mops that either fall apart in a few months or don’t have what it takes to get my floors clean.  The other issue I have with standard mops is that they are hard for me to use with my bad back.  Although the kids are getting older, they are just staring to do some “Grown Up” chores around the house.  Mopping and vacuuming are coming all pretty slowly but they are eager to learn.  I have tried just about every mop there is and none of them get my floors clean.  I feel like a bad infomercial but why bother using a sponge mop when all you are doing is moving the dirt around.  My kitchen is linoleum and you know that stuff is not easy to keep clean.  I hate all the little divots in the pattern that are just sitting there waiting for dirt to come for a visit and stay awhile.

I am sure you know of Shark for their floor care products.  Shark is actually a company under the Euro-Pro umbrella.  Not only does Euro-Pro make steam mops and vacuums, but they also offer sewing machines, irons, garment steamers and hand held versions of their steamers and vacuums.  This family owned company has been providing high quality products for more than 100 years.  You can count on Euro Pro to bring you cutting edge technology at the best prices.  You can visit Euro Pro on their Facebook page.

Steam Clean Your Floors

I learned that not only can you steam clean your floors with a steam mop, but it cleans carpets as well.  Don’t be confused with the difference between a steam mop and a carpet steamer.  The steam mop can clean stains by using the very hot steam.  Carpet cleaner’s spray out a cleaning solution and then it sucks up the solution along with your dirt or stain.  The issue I have with a big carpet steamer is the weight and bulk which makes it difficult to handle with my bad back.  When I was offered to review a product from Euro Pro, I was excited as I know from personal experience how well the Euro Pro products are made.  I have a great Euro Pro sewing machine and I absolutely love it! I received the Euro Pro Steam Pocket Mop.  The Pocket Mop comes with a rectangle and triangle mop head along with the micro fiber cleaner pads, a carpet guide and cup to fill the reservoir with water.  The Pocket Mop has 3 levels of steam from light to scrub, which is nice to have the option to choose from.  The Pocket Mop is lightweight and easy to use which is great for my back.  The mop heads are easy to change out the triangle head is perfect for corners.  We had a stain from a painting project on the floor that I wasn’t able to get up.  We used the Pocket Mop on scrubbing mode and let it sit for a few seconds and the stain came right up!  As you can see, it is so easy to operate that a child can use it. I love my new Pocket Mop and can’t wait to try another Euro Pro product soon!


  1. Thanks for the review, I had just bought one for these various purposes and glad to hear I made the right decision!

  2. Thank you so much because i always wondered what on carpet this may do and sounds like it will work
    wonders on my floors which is kitchen,bathroom and laundry room so wow . i think i will save all the Amazon certs i earn from surveys and save for this too!!! Thanks for sharing it is a wonderful review ..i just need to borrow the little boy in the picture to do my floors too!!! 🙂 Have a blessed day Marylou sablelulu

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