Sticking With Your Resolutions

I am so embarrassed to admit I packed on almost 20 pounds over the holidays. I started out doing so well, with just a small nibble here and there. But with each meal, side dish or dessert I cooked, those nibbles became more frequent and the portions got larger. I know I need to get on top of this but the idea of dieting is a bit overwhelming. How do you know which plan is right for you? Do I count calories or points or do I follow a system of mathematical equations to show me how many carbs, fruits, veggies, fats and proteins I need? I wanted to find a plan that made sticking with your New Years Resolutions easy.

steak salad

I am too dang busy to mess around with most of the diet plans out there. I do not have time for meetings, which for me are a good 40 minute drive. I would rather have a private chef who can cook delicious organic gourmet meals. The trouble is I cannot afford to hire a private chef, but I can do the next best thing! I can head over to Healthy Chef Creations and order mouthwatering and wholesome meals which are delivered right to my door! What is super cool about the meals from Healthy Chef is they are tailored to suit my specific needs. You can choose from Gourmet Meal Delivery Programs or you can order A La Carte, from a menu that changes weekly.

Healthy Chef Creations Pin

I have been eating organic and non-GMO for about a year now, so to find chef inspired home delivery meals made with organic ingredients, is perfect! You would think the food would be frozen but they are deliverer fresh! I was shocked to know this! Healthy Chef has won a ton of awards for both taste and quality, which I can tell you is aplenty! The service is perfect for busy, new, or expectant moms, people like me who are looking to lose weight, professionals who do not have the time to cook or anyone who wants a delicious home cooked meal that was cooked by a chef!

turkey dinner

Healthy Chef offers plans for singles, couples and families without any chemicals or additives. They offer a Healthy Mommy, Healthy Senior, Healthy Living, Healthy Weight Loss and as I said the A La Cart. What you get is a great tasting meal made with certified organic ingredients that are all natural. Each meal is sealed fresh and packed in recyclable cooler boxes. You can customize your meals for your diet needs, so if you want your meals gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, or you want more fish, less beef or more beef and less fish, it is not a problem! You can order a 3, 5 or 7 day plan and prices range from $20 for Healthy Dinner to $48 for 3 meals and snacks per day.

Of the meals I was sent, one of my favorites was the Pumpkin Power Muffin, which was packed full of flavor. For lunch, the steak salad with quinoa with honey mustard dressing was the best salad I have ever had. The turkey with red cabbage and green beans was so good! It was like having Thanksgiving dinner without all the fuss! I was even sent some refreshing healthy drinks which were a perfect way to start my day. You can even send meals to someone else, which I thought was really cool. How great would it be if you were home from having a new baby or a surgery and were not able to cook for yourself? Send a week’s worth of Health Chef meals and they will appreciate it so much. You really should check this program out! If I were able to fit it into my budget, I would join the Healthy Chef Weight Loss plan in a heartbeat!