I had the honor of reviewing the children’s book Stinkykids and the Runaway Scissors which won the 2011 Mom’s Choice Silver Award.  The author, Britt Menzies was inspired by her two little stinKers to create this wonderful book and doll line.  The StinkyKids have a problem they are trying to solve.  How to remove gum from hair, they try several techniques before they are successful at removing it but then they have a new problem the new hair style, the mess and MOM!  When finally confronted by an adult they are true leaders of good and tell the truth and new rules are put into place to avoid that situation in the future.
The StinkyKids motto is to “Always Be A Leader Of Good.”  The story is very well written and touches on so many different life lessons because let’s face it, we can be the best parents in the world but our children are always going to test the limits and do things we don’t approve of.  The real test is how they handle themselves when they are found out, are they honest and tell us the truth or will they try to deceive?  The StinkyKids are great role models for my little ones and I love their motto, I have started repeating it to my daughter.  She loves this book and wants to read about the StinkyKids several times a day.  One of her favorite things is the pictures of all the StinkyKids in the front and back, she likes to read about them and what they like to do.  When they have something in common with her, she gets so excited.  Of course, she wants ALL of the StinkyKids to play with!  You can purchase this book at Barnes and Noble for $16.50.
A second book in the series is due out in September, StinkyKids See a Full Moon.  It can be preordered now at Barnes and Noble ( or I can’t wait to see what happens next in the StinkyKids series.

I had the chance to review StinkyKids Skye doll and she is really adorable, she’s about 12 inches and is a fully plush doll with yarn hair (has 4 braids).  The clothes is stylish with little ruffle accents on the edges that match the bows in her hair and she has little shoes on (that are not removable).  The pants can be removed and she is wearing pink panties with her name embroidered on the seat!  Her face is so cute with little freckles and a red heart for her lips.  The doll is very well made and is manufactured by Madame Alexander which speaks volumes about its craftsmanship and quality.  On her tag it lists her hobbies, favorite colors, favorite foods, special talents and what she wants to be when she grows up…we thought this was a neat feature it makes you feel like you know her and what she’s all about. My daughter felt a connection with her because she loves stickers, the color purple, pretzels and drawing as well.  She really has enjoyed the doll I asked her what she liked about the doll and she said “I love her braids” and I asked her what she didn’t like and she said “I don’t like her bangs, they need to be trimmed…look they are in her eyes”!  She said she wanted to take her to the salon with us the next time we go for a trim…out of the mouth of babes!  You can purchase the whole line of StinkyKids at or for $16.99 each plus shipping.  There are 10 multicultural dolls to choose from both boy and girl.

I was very impressed with the book and the doll and would highly recommend checking them out for the little one in your life whether it be a girl or a boy (suggested ages are 10 and under for the book and infant up for the doll)!  Also, be on the lookout for StinkyKids The Musical slated to launch in early 2012!  Please also check them out on Facebook as well!

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