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Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Your Family


Every year, I try to find stocking stuffer ideas that may be a bit off the beaten path.  I drive my husband crazy because I will worry over the stockings as much if not more than the gifts I give.  I remember one year I forgot to get anything for the stockings and I went to the drug store on Christmas Eve and I spent almost $150!  The bad thing is that no one was overly impressed with what they got!  So, my new plan for this year is to find fewer items that will have a bigger impact. I didn’t want to do the whole nail polish, chap stick, hair clips, etc., so I did a little search-a-roonie and found some cute ideas.  You can steal some if you like!

Stocking Stuffer Ideas

  • For Babies:  Now bear in mind that since babies cannot appreciate the humor, these are for the amusement of the adults and kids in the family.  These ideas are hysterical:
    • A moustache pacifier
    • A baby rattle shaped like a dumb bell
    • Dinosaur utensils in bright colors in a chunky silicone
    • Brightly colored stripes leg warmers

  • For Kids:My kids love getting their stockings on Christmas Eve and dumping them on the floor and tearing through them.  To drag out the moment, I usually wrap each item in their stockings!  Here are some funny ideas:
    • Lump of coal soap
    • Colored bath foam
    • Electric toothbrush of their favorite cartoon character
    • Colored LED bicycle spoke lights
    • Polka dot stickers for your bike
    • Temporary tattoo sleeve

  • For Adults:  The adults in my family have come to expect a stocking from me, so in keeping with tradition, I will not disappoint them this year. Here are some hilarious options:
    • For their favorite drink, serve it on the “rocks”, which are freezable fake rocks that sub for ho-hum ice cubes.
    • A talking mustache keychain that says “Well, helloooo there”.
    • Bacon bar soap
    • Recycled juice box coin purse
    • Lollipop shaped MP3 player
    • My favorite and most popular stocking stuffer is…stockings of course!!  Everyone in my family loves and looks forward to the funny socks I give each year.  It is almost like a bit of a contest for me to outdo myself from the year before.  I have one company that I have absolutely fallen in love with and I know you will as well.  Sock It To Me is such a clever company that is run by really clever people who are led by the biggest and bestest and cleverest of them all; Carrie Atkinson.

Fun Socks With Christmas Themes

Each year, I try to find fun socks with Christmas themes as well as some amusing patterns for the rest of the year.  I must brag on Sock It To Me for a handful of reasons.  I admire Carrie for finding her niche as early on as she did.  Before she had even turned 30, Carrie had started this company with a lot of creative ideas and found some equally creative folks to work with her.  For myself, I think the products from Sock It To Me are some of the best I have seen.  I hate socks that are so poorly made that they stretch out and the pattern or design also stretches to an unrecognizable blob.  I was excited to see the newest styles from Sock It To Me because I knew they had some holiday themed socks debuting.  Some of the newest additions to the Sock It To Me line are a Nutcracker, a multi-colored Christmas theme, a gorgeous Phoenix, Blamo!!! and a ton of constellations on a pretty dark blue background.  The socks from Sock It To Me are very affordable and are so well-made; you know you are going to get a lot of wear out of them.  And on top of that, with the help of my buddy Kayla, I received a great collection of socks that really shows the variety available at Sock It To Me.  If you want to put a big smile on someone’s face this season, hop over to Sock It To Me and have fun!  Keep up with the latest styles from Sock It To Me by liking them on Facebook and following them on Twitter.


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