Stocking Stuffers For Geeks

Do you have any geeks on your list? I have 5 and they are all as different as night and day! My son-in-law is a corporate project manager for a large IT company and travels a lot for his job. My daughter is a hairstylist by day and a social media junkie by night. My middle one, Caitlin, is a student at the STEM academy who the nerds call nerdy! My youngest is a huge gamer who feels his world has fallen apart if the internet goes out. The one thing they all have in common is their love for all their tech gadgets. Finding them stocking stuffers this year has been no easy feat, but I came up with a few good ideas.

4 Stocking Stuffers Any Geek Will Love

4 Stocking Stuffers Any Geek Will Love

  1. Virtual Keyboard: If you are like me, you have trouble texting on your touch screen phone. Not anymore if you have a virtual keyboard. This handy gadget can project a keyboard onto any flat surface!
  2. Portable Speaker: Any audiophile geek like my girls would love a sleek Bluetooth portable speaker that fits into the pocket of your jeans!
  3. Arcade Light Switch Plate: Move the joystick up and down for lighting action and use the buttons to add in some arcade-style sound effects.
  4. Mobile Device Charger: If you have a smartphone, tablet or other mobile device, you want a portable charger. Instead of lugging around a big and bulky power bank, try the TravelCard portable smartphone charger.


The TravelCard is a patent pending portable Smartphone charger that fits in your wallet. You will never run out of power on your Android or iPhone 5, 5c, 5s, 6, and 6 plus devices again. The TravelCard is the size of a credit card, so it easily slips into your wallet, pocket, purse or briefcase. It up to 5 hours of additional talk time and is Apple approved, so you know it is compatible with your iPhone. It is super easy to carry and has a sleek modern design any geek would love. It comes in black, blue, red or silver and sells for $40 on Amazon, Sharper Image and the TravelCard website.

GO DESIGN was founded with the aim of designing and developing products that offer problem-solving solutions for busy people. The TravelCard and other products we have on the drawing board accomplish this goal by taking a simple-is-better approach to functionality, without sacrificing design elements. Their goal is to build the business by becoming known as the small company with big time saving ideas. One USA reader will win one TravelCard Android or IOS smartphone chargers ARV $40.

Are you looking for stocking stuffers for geeks this year? If so, who?