Stop Washing Your Hair

When it comes to hair, there has been years of research done on the subject. Scientists, beauty experts and manufacturers of hair care products have studied all there is to know about your hair. One of the issues in great debate right now is if you should stop washing your hair with traditional shampoo. It is called the “Un-Poo” movement and they have some valid points to make you reconsider how you clean your hair. Here are just a few of the cons they have come up with:

4 Reasons You Should Ditch Shampoo

4 Reasons You Should Ditch Shampoo

  1. Chemicals: Many shampoos have harsh chemicals that can be harmful to your health as well as the state of your hair. Chemicals like disrupter diethyl phthalate (DEP), sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) and Parabens can cause skin irritations, have possible links to cancer and can wreak havoc on your hair, leaving it dry, brittle and frizzy.
  2. Water Consumption: When you wash your hair, you are wasting up to 90 liters of water each time. Also, washing your hair on a regular basis with warm to hot water can dry our your hair and strip it of color and important nutrients.
  3. Time: The average shower lasts 15-20 minutes, which equals out to an average of 60 minutes per week. Can you think of more productive and fun activities you can do with that extra hour each week? You can sleep in, workout, play with the kids or watch a favorite TV show you want to catch up on.
  4. Hair Health: People who have ditched the shampoo have claimed they have shiny, supple, moist and all around healthy, but not greasy, hair. This is a huge surprise to many who think not using shampoo will make you look like someone dumped a pot of cooking oil on your head!


So, you are probably asking what you are going to use to clean your hair if you are not using shampoo. That is easy! Unwash™ products, which offers a healthier and innovative approach to cleaning your hair. The products are formulated to enhance your hair’s natural hair beauty and performance. Unwash™ is challenging consumers to “rethink clean” and try their products instead of the traditional shampoo you have been buying for your hair. Unwash™ is a professional co-wash, which is a conditioner wash, which has a formula that gently washed your hair without removing essential oils and moisture from your hair.

The way it works is Unwash™ uses a natural based method to clean your hair using surfactants. These rinse-off emulsifiers do not lather like the shampoo you have been using. It does not strip or damage the cuticle of your hair but leaves it looking fresh, shiny, healthy and like you just stepped out of the salon. Unwash™ also offers two products to make that hair look like it was professionally done. Their Anti-Residue Rinse gives your hair extra cleaning and the Hydrating Masque is a deep cleanser that adds moisture to your hair. You can find Unwash™ in salon retailers across Florida, including Joseph John Salon (Delray Beach, FL), Justin & Greg Beauty (Palm Beach, FL) Kairos Hair Salon (Miami, FL), and Karen Hutcherson (Jacksonville, FL). Be sure to follow Unwash™ on Twitter.

How often do you was your hair and what product(s) do you use?