Makobi Scribe Vendor Portal




How Do I Join

When you register as a user for Makobi Scribe, select the box Apply to be a Vendor.

How much does it cost

To offset the cost of hosting and advertising, the vendor gets 90% of total sales including and responsible for shipping & taxes.

What does a vendor get?

A vendor is provided

  • a personalized, self-designed site to upload and manage inventory.
  • advertising space to place personal Google Adsense ads with 100% of the income earned from same ads.
  • free hosting of the site at
  • the ability to write blog posts within the microstore which are SEO optimized.
  • Targeting Google, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest advertising support from Makobi Scribe social media channels with an existing audience.
  • 90% commission
  • the control to edit the shop page, description, comments products
  • Access to front end reporting
  • Weekly payouts with no threshold or minimum.

Top Vendors have the ability to

  • edit products live
  • submit products without approval
  • a higher commission
  • featured storefronts
  • Instant payouts with no threshold or minimum.