Stories Of Strength

“I have received information and materials from McNeil Consumer Healthcare, Division of McNEIL-PPC, Inc., the makers of EXTRA STRENGTH TYLENOL®. The opinions stated are my own. This is a sponsored post #StoriesOfStrength #AD.” We have all had those times in life when we needed a little extra strength. I have had a failed marriage, the loss of a brother at an early age and a child born with special needs. I honestly had moments when I was just not sure how I was going to get through these trying times. The one pillar of strength I could always depend on was my mom. No matter what was going on in my life, mom was always there to lend an ear, a tissue and a shoulder to cry on. When I stumbled and even fell in life, mom was always there to pick me up. Imagine my complete shock when mom sat my sister and I down on Easter Sunday in 1999 and told us she had breast cancer. How was it possible to have the woman I looked up to and often leaned upon, be diagnosed with this dreaded and frightening disease. Mom, in her matter of fact and no nonsense manner, explained she found a lump, had it confirmed and was having surgery at the end of the week. While my sister and I were blubbering like big babies, mom just sat there holding our hands, as calmly as you please. Mom told us to stop crying and dry our tears as there was nothing really to cry about. Mom said medicine had advanced so much over the years, a diagnosis of cancer did not mean a death sentence.

Stories Of Strength with mom

As we watched mom roll into the surgery center, she had a big smile and said to have her lipstick ready when she woke up. That was mom alright! She would rather die than to have you see her without her makeup on! Mom pulled through her surgery like a champ and she prepared herself for the chemo and radiation she would receive. Not one time in all of the hell mom went through in those weeks after did we ever see her break. Mom was the strong one when the rest of us were falling apart. Even when she was sick as a dog from chemo, had sores in her mouth so bad she could only have ice cream, she never let us see her break down. Mom inspired us to be strong while she was going through the worst thing she ever had to deal with in her life. From that moment on, I have made strides to be the strong woman who is there for everyone else when they feel weak.

Andie and Rainey

My story of how my mom’s strength inspired me and gave me strength during a difficult time, is just one of many. I am sure virtually all of us have someone in our life who is a source of strength. Actress Andie McDowell and her daughter, actress and singer Rainey Qualley, are another story of strength and inspiration. Rainey shares her story of how her mom inspired strength and belief in herself to pursue her passions; acting and music. These two beautiful women have partnered with Extra Strength TYLENOL® to launch STORIES OF STRENGTH, a program encouraging folks to share their stories honoring the person who has been a source of strength in their lives.

Getting involved in the STORIES OF STRENGTH project is easy. Just visit the”TYLENOL® Facebook page and share your story via video or a photograph with a few short sentences. For every story shared, it will support, an organization that activates young people to be strong leaders for social change. These young men and women will take the strength passed on to them and do something that is important to them. You will also have a chance to win weekly prizes from TYLENOL® and you can visit the STORIES OF STRENGTH page and receive tips for how to stay strong from Robin Miller, MD. There are moments in life that require extra strength — and when pain sets in, those are the times that Extra Strength TYLENOL® aims to be there. For 20 years, Extra Strength TYLENOL® has been the #1 doctor recommended brand of pain reliever. Extra Strength TYLENOL® is clinically proven to provide strong, fast pain relief.