Stylish Accessories For Dogs

Stylish Accessories For Dogs

Where do you go when you want stylish accessories for dogs?  I usually go to the big pet store but it seems they have some pretty drab collars and leashes.  I wanted to find something more than the basic colors of the rainbow with no cute patterns.  When we go out for a walk, I want my dog to reflect his personality, which is bright, happy and colorful.  Now I just have to figure out where I can find some cute stuff for Ringo.  I decided to look online and I did find some cute things, but none caught my eye more than the accessories from a great online pet store.

Baxter and Birdie is a great treasure I recently discovered and I think you will love them as much as I do.  This online pet store offers supplies for your pet that will help them feel chic and stylish.  When you take your furry baby to the park for a walk and to play with the other furry babies, don’t you want your dog to stand out in the crowd?  These eco-friendly products are functional, trendy and are made from 100% recycled materials.  The mission statement at Baxter and Birdie is: Buy One, Feed One.  For each product you purchase from Baxter and Birdie, one animal in need will be fed for a week.  I am proud to welcome Baxter and Birdie into my Giving Hall of Fame for their dedication to protecting our planet while giving back to those in need.  All of the products from Baxter and Birdie not only guarantee their products but your satisfaction as well.  If their brightly colored pet products don’t leave you completely stoked that you own one of their products, they will refund your money!  Now when have you ever heard that before?!  Oh, and another great feature of the Baxter and Birdie products is that you can throw them in the washing machine and they come out clean, bright and intact.  When have you ever heard THAT before?

Let Your Dog Look Good

I may be a geek, but I want to let my dog look good when we go out.  Ringo loves taking walks in the park near our house, and the walking trail is popular with other dog owners as well.  When I was given the chance to review something from Baxter and Birdie, I knew immediately what I wanted.  I chose the collar ($34.99) Moxie print with the bright orange and white pattern on the collar and matching leash ($39.99) says “Go Vols”!  We have had so many compliments on the new set and Ringo seems to have a bit of spring in his step since we put it on him!  I know the other dogs are thinking how they wished they looked as good as Ringo!  I hope you take a look at the Baxter and Birdie products and remember when you purchase a product from Baxter and Birdie; you are saving the planet while saving an animal from starving.

One reader will win a leash ($39.99) and collar ($34.99) in their choice of size and pattern.

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  2. My favourite would be the leash that trains your pets as you walk them…. i.e. keeps them from taking control.

    I have two pets; 1 cat and one dog. Alex and Sasha 🙂

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