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Stylish Barefoot Shoes For Walking

I have been struggling to find an exercise program that I can successfully incorporate into my life. I have a lower back injury that has taken 3 years to heal, which limited my options. About 8 months ago, I fell in my yard and hurt my right shoulder and foot. I almost felt like the walking dead who would never get to exercise! Recently, I was doing aerobics and I injured my hip (hence the walker int he photo). Now I was starting to worry about all these injuries in less than a year. My doctor told me she thinks my repeated injuries may be due to osteoarthritis, which runs in my family. She told me for now, the best exercise I can do, not only to lose weight, but to build stronger bones, is to walk. Now that is something I can handle! I only have two issues with walking for my health; the shoes and my foot. I am still not able to wear a traditional shoe with the injury to my foot. So what in the world and I going to do? Go barefoot? Well, sort of! With the stylish barefoot shoes from Kigo Footwear, that is exactly what I plan to do!

Stylish Barefoot Shoes For Walking

I was doing research about minimalist and barefoot footwear as an alternative to traditional walking shoes. I had envisioned a pair of shoes that were really thin and I would feel every rock, pebble or other debris as I walked. What I found was something completely different with the shoes from Kigo Footwear. These shoes are impeccably made with a nice sturdy sole that comes up over the toes. The fabric that envelopes your foot keeps it covered, safe and lets your feet breathe. In my opinion, the shoes from Kigo Footwear are more comfortable, stylish and are good for my feet. That is something I have been in need of for quite some time. What I love about the Kigo Flit shoes I was sent, is how durable and lightweight (only 4 ounces) they are. You can wear them for a nice long walk and you do not even feel like you are wearing shoes at all. And, with the Mary Jane style, these are stylish barefoot shoes for walking, running or just relaxing. With their waterproof fabric, the shoes are also great for going to the pool, beach or splashing in the creek with the kids!

The idea for the Kigo Footwear line came when a group had been enjoying a long day of skiing. What they found at the end of their day was their feet were completely uncomfortable in their boots. In search for a lightweight shoe that people from every walk of life would love, a team went to work designing that shoe. From doctors, athletes and even bio-mechanic specialists, the Kigo Footwear line came to be. The line of minimalist shoes are not only great for your feet but they are also great for our planet. The shoes are made with Post-consumer and recycled construction. The dyes and glues used are non toxic and the fabric is water and stain resistant. You can purchase the Kigo Flit from their website for $87.00 in grey or black. You can also purchase the other styles and colors of other Kigo Footwear products on their websites.

One USA reader will win a pair of Kigo Flit shoes ($87.00) in their choice of color and size, depending on availability.


  1. I love the fit shoes! However, my favortie are the ones you reviewed the Kigo Flit because they looks like everyday shoes that could be worn anywear!

  2. I’m having a hard time deciding if I like the Curv or the Flit more… they both are pretty amazing, I’m totally a barefoot diva but would love to wear these whenever shoes are necessary! 🙂

  3. Love them all, esp. the Flit & Curve! AND – I really LOVE the multi-colored pr on the 1st pg of their homepage… Thanks for the chance, sure could use these!!!!

  4. kigo curv: grey / white stitch

    i like the fit guide..just measure and find the right fit!
    i really like these shoes!

  5. If I ever win a prize- does the email normally go to spam? These shoes are too cute. Kigo- I’m in hopes that these shoe would help my lower back .. Thank you for the entries

  6. I really like the colorful print show on their homepage, although I was not able to find a name for it. I also like the Fit shoe.

  7. I like the Flit. It would be great with jeans or to wear from the car to the office each morning.

  8. I like the Flit in grey with blue stitch. I have a pair of grey yoga pants with blue trim that would match them perfectly!

  9. I like all three versions of Kigo Footwear but I think my favorite is the kigo curv: grey / orange stitch

  10. Drive is my favorite but I also love Flit. Actually all of them are fun and would work differently with different outfits!

  11. From reading about each of the styles, I would get their “Drive” style. The toe box is plenty rounded, which is really important! Cram your toes into over-pointed toeboxes and all you get is troubles.

  12. The Kigo flit in black are my fav, though the curv would be nice for water sports like paddle boarding.

  13. Although I like the Curv, I am not too crazy about the color combination. So my favorite would be the Flit in Black.

  14. I think I like the flit in the grey/blue combo. They look super comfy! I keep my shoes on all day (by choice- I know I’m odd) and these might be a nice alternative to slip in to instead of wearing work shoes up until bed time.

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