These Eco Friendly Bags Are Stylish And Socially Responsible

I am so happy my family and I are becoming more socially responsible each day. We have taken small steps in our lives to make a larger impact. We recycle, buy organic and locally sourced foods whenever possible and use eco friendly cleaning products. I also try to buy organic cotton clothing, especially for Henry who can only wear this fabric due to his allergies. I have even reached out across the miles and have gotten my oldest daughter interested in living a more green lifestyle. She has a lot of upcycled purses and jewelry and and buys the same grocery products I do. This year, I decided to give her something for Christmas she would appreciate and would get a lot of use out of. She has just begun an apprenticeship with a hair salon in Atlanta and needed a bag to carry her supplies. One of my favorite places to get unusual and eco friendly bags that are stylish and socially responsible, I go to Maggie Bags.

Eco Friendly Bags She Will Love

Last year, I visited the Maggie Bags facility and reviewed one of the Bucket Totes and The Tote Of Many Colors and we fell in love with them! When I thought of what to get Chelsea, I knew these were eco friendly bags she will love! The bags are made from seat belts the Maggie Bags parent company, Tennessee Webbing cannot use. Because the standards are so high for seat belts, not everything the company manufactured can be sued, so they re-purpose it into fantastic bags, totes and accessories.

I was sent the Tote of Many Colors Dazzle in White and Navy with the zipper, which sells for $72.00. This bag is perfect for Chelsea because she carries a lot of materials with her to work every day. She needed a bag that was durable and had a lot of room that also had a zipper. I love the bold stripes, which make me think of nautical items, which Chelsea also really likes. With the roomy zippered pocket on the outside, Chelsea can store her keys and small wallet so she can grab it and go when she heads out on her break. Maggie Bags has a ton of choices include the cute and petite Butterfly bag which is great for going out on the town, the Maggie Bags Belt or the the cosmetic bags, just to name a few. Be sure to stay current with the latest from and follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

One USA reader will win a Tote of Many Colors Zipper Top in their choice of color $72


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