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Stylish Handbags For Women From Koret Handbags Review

Stylish Handbags For Women

With a new season approaching, it is time to find some stylish handbags for women. Most women have more than one purse and many have quite a collection. I love purses, satchels, messenger bags and everything in between. I just love all styles, colors and materials for carrying all my essentials. I have purses in leather, heavy canvas, and even seat belts! I also prefer to have a variety in sizes so I can grab a purse that will be perfect for the event. If I am just running to the store for a few things, I grab my little cross over clutch which just holds my wallet and keys. If I am going to the park with the kids, I am going to bring my heavy canvas tote to carry all of our drinks, food and toys. I guess you could call me a bit of a handbag fanatic!
For a name you can trust in the industry, many go to Koret Handbag’s, a company that was started in 1929 by Richard Koret. He was an innovator in the area of handbags and he premiered many new styles, handles, shapes and other components that had women like Grace Kelly and Jacqueline Kennedy carrying the Richard Koret handbags. Tragically, Koret was killed in a plane crash in 1965. Koret changed hands a few times over the years and is now run by Grace Han who is the president of Chateau International. Han has held on to the visions of Richard Koret by marrying the purses of yesterday with the trends of today’s fashion industry.

Affordable Purses That Look Expensive

Who doesn’t want affordable purses that look expensive? With the technological advances in the construction and materials used today, it is less expensive to make a handbag. With more styles available, it is a bit easier to have a collection of purses to compliment your wardrobe and lifestyle. I was fortunate to receive the Striped Satchel ($42.00) from the Striped Sensation collection. This brightly colored bag is versatile, good looking and extremely well made. I love the roomy inside which is big enough to take to school with my books and is sturdy enough to get knocked around. I am particularly hard on my purses so I don’t need to worry about my Koret handbag falling apart. I love the multi-colored stripes that makes this purse go with just about anything in your closet. Koret has a very wide variety of inexpensive handbags to choose from and they are adding new styles regularly. I love my Koret handbag and would encourage anyone who wants a good looking bag that will fit into your budget; Koret is a great place to start!


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