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I will be the first to admit, I have not put much thought into how my mobile devices and their accessories look. If they do what they are supposed to and do not weigh a ton or take up too much room, that is good enough for me! With a very fashion conscious teenager in the house, I have been informed that I need to get more in tune with my tech fashion side. This is coming from a girl who matches EVERYTHING to a woman who hardly notices if she has on stripes and plaids with some polka dot socks! I must admit, after seeing how cute Caitlin looks with her iPhone, color coordinated phone case, and matching portable charger, I was a bit jellie. I decided to expand my tech/fashion horizons and get up to speed on the most stylish mobile accessories for your smartphone. One of my go to companies for my tech needs is Tego Power because when I want quality, they deliver.

Stylish Mobile Accessories For Your Smartphone

My husband was the first to take the plunge in the family to get a mobile device charger. He calls it his “Rock”, so the kids and I call it his “Dwayne Johnson” (cuz we are silly like that). I had no idea how much you can depend on one of those things until I was on a recent trip and my phone went dead. I had no place to plug in and I needed to stay connected to my travel mate. It was a nightmare and I swore I would never do that again and when I got home I would look for a charger that was also considered stylish mobile accessories for your smartphone. The Power Grid from Tego Power is exactly what I needed for my phone and based on my past experience with the company, I knew it would be top notch.

The Power Grid is great looking (Henry calls it the “Neon Lego”), is very lightweight and is small enough to fit in your pocket. You can charge your mobile device wherever you are, whenever you like. It arrives at your door already 80% charged and works on iPods, iPhones, Samsung Galaxy’s and many other devices. The Power Grid can charge two devices at once on one charge or charge a single device twice. The sassy colors (pink, green, blue or black) will go with any outfit your fashionista self wants. I will warn you to keep it close to you as others may try to sneak it away from you as my sister did on a recent visit. I guess I will be getting her one for her upcoming birthday or I may find mine missing! You can purchase the Power Grid for $59 from the Tego Power website as well as select stores, which you can find a listing of on the website. Be sure to check out Tego Power’s  fine line of audio speakers which deliver crystal clear sound while you are on the go.

Exclusively for Makobi Scribe readers, take 20% off at checkout by using “mk20“.

One USA reader will win one Power Grid ($59.00) in their choice of color, based on availability.


  1. The Wired iPad Keyboard Case is pretty awesome! I really like that it supports all versions so if you ever upgrade you won’t have to worry. I also like that it has low energy consumption.

  2. I like the CERA Wireless Portable Speaker – 3 Pack BlackSALECERA Wireless Portable Speaker – 3 Pack Black.

  3. My favorite product from Tego Audio is the NOVA Mini Portable Speaker – Red and Chrome 3 Pack. I love that you can link multiple speakers together.

  4. I like the CERA Wireless Portable Speaker – 3 Pack BlackSALECERA Wireless Portable Speaker – 3 Pack Black.

  5. I’d like the CERA Wireless Portable Speaker (Red) – my son loves listening to music on his phone, but the phone speaker sounds so tinny and flat!

  6. I like the power grid! It’s the greatest thing, sometimes my phones battery isn’t the greatest when I’m using too many features so being able to charge on the go is a dream.

  7. oooh – I’ve been wanting one of these – Tego Power grid in Pink or Green!!!! Thanks for the chance….

  8. i love the NOVA portable speaker in red/chrome..this would be great.i listen to music on my phone when we are closing the store of a night.this would be great to be able to sit it some where and listen to it all over the store instead of carrying the phone around trying to be able to hear it..and it is very stylish also..love those colors!

  9. I really like the design of their Wired iPad Keyboard Case. I love my iPod but have realized that I would really like a keyboard for it, and this case looks perfect!

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  11. I think my favorite would be the power grid. I’m always carrying my charger around with me … this would be so much better! 🙂

  12. The power grid – in blue. I use up my cell phone’s battery too often, and having back-up power would be great.

  13. I like the Nova.

    btw, your tweets aren’t working as of late. I have to add http:// so Twitter recognizes they’re URLs – they don’t work as //makobiscribe.com etc

  14. I love, love, love The Power Grid in blue!! What a gorgeous necessity. Thanks for your quality products and “fashion”.

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