Stylish Storage Boxes

Stylish Storage Boxes

If you are short on storage space, you may need stylish storage boxes to cut down on your clutter.  I have a house that was apparently built before storage was a need as I have ZERO storage space.  Each bedroom has a closet and believe me when I tell you that is a stretch when I call it a closet.  My kids don’t wear the same shirts because we are poor, it’s because we don’t have the closet space for more than 5 shirts!  (ok..maybe it holds 10 shirts).  Suffice it to say my store is limited, so I had to get a bit creative when finding appropriate storage.  I have found a new quest in finding the coolest storage containers and boxes so when we have people over, they will ask where we got certain items and then I can tell them about the cool company that made them.

One of those cool companies is my latest favorite and it will be hard to beat them.  Vaultz is a company that serves a great audience with awesome products.  You will find a ton of cool lock boxes and storage containers for your home.  You can use them for business or personal use and they are so cool looking that they fit into any situation really well.  What sets Vaultz apart from their competitors is how well their products are made.  With reinforced chrome steel corners, metal support rails and your choice of key or combination locks, Vaultz has you covered.  You can like Vaultz on Facebook and enter their Vaultz Around The World Contest and you can also follow them on Twitter.

Lock Boxes

Lock Boxes For Important Papers

I have been looking for lock boxes for important papers for a while now.  I wanted a lock box to keep the kids out of our personal and important papers.  I didn’t want to pay a monthly fee for a lock box when I knew I could find a good alternative if I looked hard enough.  Well, as luck would have it, I was offered some really cool items to review from Vaultz.  I chose 3 really cool but practical items for my family to use.  My husband has been asking for a toolbox for years and I just kept blowing him off.  Valutz makes the coolest Locking Toolbox ($59.99) EVER!!  It is really roomy and has a tray that lifts out and best of all there is a combination lock!!  The kids and I are horrible about taking tools and losing them, so now we must ask the tool keeper for access!!  I also was given the Locking Security Box ($19.99) which is perfect for legal papers, medical records, etc. and the DVD/Game Lock Box ($24.99) which is surprisingly roomy.  Henry claimed that one awfully quickly and came back and with a great flair, unlocked it and showed his stash of games inside and with just as much flair, locked it again!!  It was hysterical!!  But it was not as HILARIOUS as the look on my husband’s face when he saw his toolbox!!  Suffice it to say, my family is enamored with Vaultz.

One reader will have a lot of fun choosing THREE items from anything in the Vaultz collection!

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