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Stylish Winter Accessories To Keep You Warm

Well we are almost at that point with the cold weather that we need to be wearing stylish winter accessories.  I love the cold weather and everything it brings including football, building snowmen, hot chocolate and snuggling by the fire.  I also love all the fun accessories you can only wear in the chilly months like colorful scarves, mittens, and hats.  This is the one time of the year you can go a little funky-crazy and not stand out like a sore thumb.  There are so many clever accessories that I wasn’t sure what was in and what wasn’t, so I took to the old Google to see what was what!  Here are some great suggestions for yourself or someone on your gift list.

Stylish Winter Accessories

  • Scarves: If you are a scarf person, you are in luck this season because they are hot, hot, hot!  It seems the field is wide open as far as styles, colors and fabrics.  Hand knit scarves are very in and it seems the longer, the better.  Who wouldn’t want to wrap up with a soft and beautifully knitted scarf to keep Jack Frost away?  The colors that are really in right now are earth tones and deep jewel tones, either on their own or mixed together in a stripe or other cool pattern.
  • Hats: This is one of my favorite winter accessories because you can wear so many styles!  You can wear a plain knit cap all the way to your favorite critter or even your favorite Sesame Street character!  Last year our favorite hats were of a Sock Monkey and Cookie Monster!  I love a simple earth toned cable knit cap and that style is right on track with this seasons fashion statement.  Another really big accessory this season is a scarf hat, which is really awesome.  It is literally a knit cap that has a long scarf on either side so you are killing two proverbial birds with one accessory!
  • Gloves and Mittens:  For the past few years, either mittens or gloves were in, but not at the same time.  This year however is a different story as both are equally hot right now.  What are very popular this season are texting gloves and mittens.  Just because it is cold outside does not mean you should sacrifice warmth for your ability to use your smart phone or tablet.  The only thing cooler than a pair of mittens you can text with, is a pair of mittens you can share with your sweetie!  There is a fresh and different product on the market that is gaining some well-deserved attention and it is called “Twitten”.  What is Twitten you ask?  Well, Twitten is a cleverly designed mitten for two and is also the moniker of the company who designed it.

Unique And Trendy Winter Accessories

I think the Twitten is certainly one of the most unique and trendy winter accessories I have seen this season.  The Twitten itself was designed by Connie Kaiserman in the 1960’s so that she and her boyfriend could hold hands during the football games in chilly Pennsylvania.  Flash forward 40 years and Connie meets Jennifer Isaacson who had the perfect background to help bring Twitten the product as well as the company to life.  Jennifer began a program in a small village in Peru that teaches the women who live there the art of weaving.  Not only does that help them contribute financially to their community, but the end result is a gorgeous hand-knitted product that anyone would love to own.  With a combination of the softest Alpaca mixed with wool and acrylic, these are simply scrumptiously soft!  Here is what I received:

  1. The Twitten in Plum/Lime/Olive, ($44.00)
  2. The Scarf Hat in Natural ($58.00
  3. One pair of mittens in yummy plum ($28.00)
  4. Knit Hat in the avocado/age/mud stripe ($28.00)
  5. Watch Cap in olive ($22.00).

I love how well made and soft these items are.  With Henry’s autism, he is VERY particular about how things feel, and we have had issues with knit caps in the past.  He absolutely loves the Watch Cap and wore it around the house for the whole evening.  I think my favorite, besides the Twitten, cuz that is a given, is the Scarf Hat. This is such a beautiful and clever design.  It is so soft and warm and it looks fantastic (although it may be hard to tell with Mr. Ham in the pictures).  If you were to purchase any item from Twitten for yourself or as a gift, you will be very pleased.  I did want to mention that 20% of the profits from Twitten goes to the Bodhi Fund, which is in place for family’s who have a seriously ill child who needs out of state treatment.  The fund is in honor of an adorable boy named Bodhi who at the age of 4 had a rare form of leukemia and the only treatment available was across the country from his home.  Today Bodhi is a vibrant teen and his family set up this fund to help families who are facing the same expenses out of state treatments bring.

One reader will win their choice of one Twitten ($44.00)

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  1. I would like the texting gloves. It seems like every time I go outside someone always texts me and I always have to take my glove off.

  2. Hey, thanks for all the kind words! It means a lot. Would you be willing to point folks to our website, as well? We have a holiday sale going, 10% off all orders with code twittenholidays, and free shipping on orders over $40! Thanks so much!

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