Sue Devitt Beauty Products

I am always looking for new makeup to try out and I just love the Sue Devitt Beauty Products that I was sent for review.  I was so excited when I opened the box to find over 15 beauty products from Sue Devitt to try out for myself.  The products that I received include the Smoky Eye Pencil Duo, Pressed Powder Face Palette, Bermuda Triangle Eye, Lip and Cheek Primer, Destination Eye and Cheek Palette, Eye Illuminator Pencil, Defining Eyeliner (in Vik and Hvita), Lipliner, Lip Intensifier Pencil, Lipstick (Cape Colony), Automatic Camoflage Concealer, Silky Blush, Intensive Eye Treatment Primer, Oxygen Infusion Masque, Lactic Renewal Facial Peel and Tinted SPF 15 Moisturizer.  The selection that I was sent to review is amazing and I love that I am able to not only try the makeup but other facial products in her collection.

Smokey Eye Makeup Kit

One of my favorite products that I received is the Smokey Eye makeup kit.  I love more dramatic eye makeup, especially when going out with friends or on that very infrequent date night!  Unfortunately, I am pretty clueless when it comes to putting on makeup and my attempt at a smokey eye usually ends in a disaster.  The Smokey Eye Pencil duo comes with expertly paired shades to create the perfect look.  The duo included two Eye Intensifier Pencils in Tanzania (Shimmering Bronze) and Kenya (Chocolate Brown).  There is very simple directions on the back of the box teaching you the expert application technique to create a flawless look.  I was able to pair the Smokey Eye Pencil duo with the Destination Eye and Cheek Palette to finish off the look.  Even my husband was amazed that I was able to create this evening look! The Smokey Eye Duo retails for $35.

Tinted Moisturizer with SPF

My second favorite Sue Devitt product that I was able to review is the Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15.  I have very fair skin and burn easily so I am very careful about applying facial lotion with sunscreen everyday.  I love that the moisturizer has a slight tint to it.  I can easily apply some before my early morning runs or before I leave for the gym to give me a bit of a glow without makeup.  The Tinted Moisturizer not only helps skin feel moist and smooth, it provides vitamins, minerals and anti-aging benefits.  The lotion is incredibly smooth and creates a soft glow to your skin.  I love that I can use this under my makeup and it doesn’t feel cakey or heavy on your skin.  The Tinted Moisturizer retails for $40.

Lipstick Application Techniques

Not only does Sue Devitt offer amazing lipstick and lipliner, she also offers lipstick application techniques to look your best.  To create the perfect pout, start with Sue Devitt’s high quality lipstick products.  Start by applying the Lip Intensifier Pencil in soft strokes blending towards your inner lip.  Complete the look with the Sue Devitt Matte or Sheer Lipstick over entire lips.  I usually don’t use a lip liner when I apply lipstick but I was happy with how it really completed the look and made my lips look very full and plump!  My experience in the past with lip liners are they always stand out and look over done.  But by taking Sue Devitt’s advice of using soft strokes and blending inward, there was a seamless transition from lip liner to lipstick.  I love the softness of the lipstick on my lips.  I usually avoid lipstick because it tends to dry out my lips.  The Balanced Matte Lipstick left my lips feeling soft and really held the color, even through dinner and drink with my husband.  I like the look of Matte lipstick but tend to wear sheer to prevent my lips from looking dry.  I’m happy that I finally found a high quality affordable lipstick that doesn’t dry out my lips!  The Lip Intensifier Lipliner retails for $22 and the Matte and Sheer lipstick both retail for $20.

Sue Devitt offer high quality affordable makeup and skin care for all skin tones.  I love the support that she offers on her site.  I need lots of help when it comes to makeup application and there are several “how to videos” on her site including foundation application, smokey eye and lips and cheeks!  Follow Sue Devitt on Facebook for the latest product information!