What To Get Your Dog For Christmas

If you are a pet owner, you may be wondering what to get your dog for Christmas.  I look forward to Christmas for Ringo almost as much as I do for my human children.  Ringo is stylish, smart, funny and loves a good surprise.  The question is what do you get that cute puppy on your list for Christmas this year?  I was stumped for a great gift for my sweet boy and decided to search the web for some ideas.  I found some pretty great suggestions and there are a few:

What To Get Your Dog For Christmas

  • Collar: There are so many options for a unique and stylish collar that it seems hard to narrow them down.  Ringo likes earth tones, with a slight tendency towards greens and oranges.  If you want a little bling, you can find collars with rhinestones or studs or if money is no object, you can get diamonds or any other favorite gem.
  • Toys: What kid doesn’t love a good toy?  Rather it be a human kid or a four legged kid, they all love to play with a really fun toy.  Ringo loves his sock monkey that he is trying hard to bite the head off of.  Squeaky toys are always a safe bet but if you want a little adventure, how about an electronic cat for your pooch to chase around?
  • Treats:  You can find some great treats for your puppy including frozen pup-sicles, gourmet cookies with some liver pate included or maybe something sweet from the barkery.
  • Basket: Did you know you could order a gift basket for your pooch?  You can find some really great collections that can have a theme, like a day at the beach, which would include a doggie surfboard (OK, just kidding).  There are limitless possibilities for a great collection for your dog which include a great selection of cool treats for your favorite furry baby.  If you would like to order a gift box filled with high quality, useful and fun stuff for your canine pal, then you need to visit Bark Box.

Treats For Your Dog

When you place an order with Bark Box ($17.00), you will get some great treats for your dog.  Each month, Bark Box puts together a collection of at least 4 items that you and your dog will enjoy.  You may get a bottle of shampoo that makes your puppy smell good or you may get the latest and greatest gadget for pups.  One thing is for sure; you are going to LOVE your Bark Box.  Also, if you I was uber impressed with the variety of items we received in our Bark Box.  We got a bottle of dental gel for healthy teeth and sweet breath, an adorable snake plush toy, a hilarious moustache chew toy, Feel Good yummy snacks, and poopy disposal bags.  The most fun has to be the chew toy because when the dog bites it, it looks like he has a real moustache!  I could not get Ringo to cooperate, but that was a funny, funny thing to see!  All of the items in the box were so well made and the variety was great.  I really do think Bark Box is one of the best monthly pet subscription services on the market.  I do want to share with you what the staff at Bark Box is doing about improving the lives of rescue dogs across the country.  With 7 million animals in need of healthy and safe adoptive homes each year, Bark Box is donating 10% to these shelters nationwide.  If you have a shelter in your area that you feel should get some much needed help, contact the helpful people at Bark Box and they will gladly take down the information.

One reader will receive one Bark Box ($17.00)

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  1. Their site doesn’t show any products (just subscription option), but out of what you received, I like the Wag.com $10!!

  2. well since it king bd he will big 4 he will get something form pet co for his bd and then pic of santa wtih him and then he get stocking of squeaky toy and goodies

  3. both my dogs love new toys; or as they relate to as their babies their names are Odis(who is a puggle) and Miley who we rescued from a puppy mill who is a black pug

  4. I like the fact that you can choose the size for your dog. My dogs love antlers and that would be a great product from barkbox.

  5. I like that they’re size based. As a small dog owner, I can tell you that not all toys are created equal. If she can’t carrying it around and guard it, she doesn’t want it.

  6. I like the fact that you can choose different plans based upon the size of your dog. And that the proceeds go to charity.

  7. Since the website doesn’t show products, I will just say that I like that there is a variety of products to try every month! Like a giant surprise package for pups!

  8. Since the website doesn’t show products, I will just say that I like that there is a variety of products to try every month! Like a giant surprise package for pups!

  9. Since the website doesn’t show products, I will just say that I like that there is a variety of products to try every month! Like a giant surprise package for pups!

  10. My favorite product would have to be the gadgets and the gourmet treats that are in a One Month Plan of the BarkBox. How cool !! 🙂

  11. I like that they have bark boxes tailored to dogs of different sizes. I also like that each comes with at least 4 carefully selected items. My dogs would love to try new treats each month! And I love checking out the latest gadgets to help with their care.

  12. i cant tel what all comes in the box – i like the 1 month plan and any kind of treats is good because i have 3 dogs

  13. When you sign up for BarkBox, every month you will receive a box in the mail with four or more carefully selected products and presents for your dog – anything from bones and treats to shampoos, leashes and innovative new gadgets!

  14. i like the monthly plan…there are so many great things in the boxes! i like the doggie towelettes and the poobags! cookies are great, and new toys are always welcome because one of my babies is the “terminator of toys”!

  15. I like the look of the Crinkit toy they shipped out. It seems sturdy enough for my aggressive chewer Bounty. 😉 And, for as little as $17.50 a month for a 6 month subscription, it seems like a great deal.

  16. OMG, that Humunga Stasche chew toy is too, too cute! All the items are amazing, especially the cute blue snake.

  17. My dog’s name is Jake and my fav thing in the gift box is the long snake because I know Jake would have a great time with it!!! I hope I win!!! Thanks

  18. Our dogs name is Bubbles. My daughter always wanted a dog but it had to be a girl dog. A boy dog named bubbles was silly and would be the laughed at at the puppy park. I like the treats in the bark box and so would Bubbles.

  19. all the product (s) sound wonderfull. i like the overall concept and the surprise in it. but my dog cooper really loves pull toys so the snake would be nice as well.

  20. I have a crazy high strung German Shorthair who would love the snake toy! I also have an old Beagle who is my husbands dog,and a beagle/terrior mix who is my sons dog…

  21. I love the Humunga Stache…I am not sure my dog would love it as much as I would…lol…but I am sure he would be a good sport.

  22. That Humunga Stache is too funny! I would love to see my doggies gnawing on that!! I like that a portion of the cost of Bark Box goes to help pets in need! Thanks!

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