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Sulfate Free Hair Products From Enjoy Professional Hair Care Sweepstakes

Sulfate Free Hair Products

As I get older, I am now looking for sulfate free hair products to bring back the condition my hair was in 20 years ago.  After having babies, my hair totally changed.  Has anyone experienced that as well?  When I was in my late teens into my 20’s, my hair was full of volume and shine.  After the birth of my oldest daughter, my hair became a litle darker and wasn’t as healthy as it had been.  Once I reached my late 30’s and had two more babies, my hair was almost unrecognizeable.  My hair was dry, frizzy, dull and prone to rats nests after wearing a pony tail.  The hair I was once proud of now embarrassed me.

I recently heard of a company that has created a line of hair care products for professional stylists.  From shampoo to hair color, this line is sulfate free and is Ph balanced, making it the cure to my scarecrow hair!  I promise my hair resembles that of the Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz!!  Gross!  Enjoy Professional Hair Care is a rejuvenating miracle for your hair.  I am impressed with Enjoy’s mission to not only supply stylists with incredible products, but also education, which goes hand in hand with the line. This line is higher in quality, healthiness and innovation from other products in the industry.

Professional Hair Products

I have bought professional hair products based on my stylists recommendation, only to spend a lot of money for shampoo and condition that gave the same results as what I could buy at a retail store.  Enjoy products were created by Patrick Dockry, who is also the publisher of Health Beauty Life magazine.  Patrick looks at his products the way a physician may look at medication.  These hair products are a prescription for your dry, damaged and frizzy hair.  I received 3 Enjoy products; the sulfate free luxury shampoo (valued at $24.14), luxury conditioner (valued at $27.74) and styling gel (valued at $21.54).  I cannot tell you how amazing this products are!  The shampoo and conditioner have a great smell and you only need a small amount for your hair (mine is long and I just used about a quarter size amount).  After shampooing and conditioning my hair with the Enjoy products, I could noticeably feel a difference in my hair!  Once it was dry, I could see a difference and actually my 13 year old commented on how shiny my hair was!  My 10 year old son has a fauxhawk, so he used the styling gel.  Again, you only need a small amount to go a long way.  This styling gel kept his hair in place ALL DAY!  I could not believe that after playing outside for the afternoon, he still had his little fauxhawk in place.

Thank you to Enjoy for supplying one lucky winner with the same 3 items I reviewed, which combined retail for $73.42

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