Summer Activities For Kids

When school is over and the summer begins, my kids are driving me up the wall within a few days. They have just about every toy, game, book and a ton of other fun things to play with. I think most older kids get bored in the summer because they have been playing with their stuff after school and on the weekends all year. To keep them occupied for longer stretches of time, they want something new and challenging to play with. I work from home, so I cannot continue to stop what I am doing to try and think up new and fun things for them to stay occupied with. I went online and searched for some ideas to keep the kids busy while I work. I found a lot, but here are my 5 favorite:

5 Summer Activity Ideas For Kids

5 Summer Activity Ideas For Kids

  1. Build Something: Kids have the innate ability to build and construct something out of practically nothing! If you combine the internet with your older kids imaginations, they can find some great DIY tutorials. We found a lot of stuff on Pinterest like building a tee pee, an outdoor fort and even a simple tree house. Granted, some of the activities will need help from an adult, but that is fine. I would rather spend an afternoon helping them build a tree house if it equals a summer of fun.
  2. Volunteer: I have two kids with huge hearts and they love to help others. We have a ton of opportunities to volunteer in our community, even for kids. They can read to the elderly, help in the church day care or help organize the food pantry.
  3. Summer Camp and Classes: At the beginning of the summer, our local paper has an insert that lists all the summer camp and classes for kids. We have everything from a one hour sewing class to a week long horseback riding camp. The fees range from free to several hundred dollars, so there are things for every budget.
  4. Swimming: I do not know how other kids are, but I know mine are like little fish when it comes to swimming. If I let them, my kids could spend all day in the pool. Our yard is not level, so we had nowhere to put a pool. Luckily, our neighbors have the perfect yard for a pool, so we gave them our pool. My kids are there for at least 3-4 hours every day, and my neighbor lets them! Talk about a great way to get some work done!
  5. Outdoor Riding Toys: My kids love to ride their bikes, scooters, skateboards and roller blades. The only problem I have with these toys is the kids seem to get bored more easily. I had heard about electric outdoor riding toys for older kids, but had no personal experience with them. When I was afforded the chance to welcome the electric PowerRider 360 from Razor into our collection of toys, I knew my kids were in for a treat.

PowerRider 360

I am a huge fan of the products from Razor and we have had several of their amazing scooters over the years. I became a fan of the company when I attended Blogher 13 last year in Chicago. They brought their Razor Electric Crazy Cart and a young boy was riding it around their space. Let me tell you, that is some creative advertising because I totally pictured my son riding that toy immediately. But for me, meeting Ollie, who was part of the team who brought the concept of the Crazy Cart to life, made the visit worth my while. I was able to see into the heart of this company, and from a consumer stand point, that was huge.  So, to be offered the PowerRider 360 electric scooter from a company with such a big heart and trusted products, I was on it like white on rice!

I will preface this portion of my review by admitting I was completely jealous of this toy. Dude, if I was 100 pounds lighter, I would be zipping up and down our street like no ones bees wax! But, this is a post about fun summer activities for older kids, not their moms! We took the PowerRider 360, which retails for $180 at Toys R Us, Amazon, Sears and other fine retailers, to a local park for a test drive. They have a courtyard which is away from most of the kids, so Henry was able to have the freedom to really enjoy his ride. With his autism, one of the things he loves is to be close to the ground and the feeling of exhilaration which comes with riding this electric scooter. Here is a short video to show you how uber cool this electric scooter actually is!

This electric three wheel scooter starts with just the push of a button. You can go up to 9 MPH and you can literally do a 360 or slide with its high performance dual inclined rear caster wheels. You can ride for up to 30 minutes before going in for a recharge. I feel totally confidant in the safety of the PowerRider 360 because it is made with welded steel and can hold up to 120 pounds. The hand operated front brakes are quite easy to get used to and the rubber grips mean Henry is not going to lose his hold and go flying. The PowerRider 360 is by far the most “epically cool” toy we have ever owned and I look forward to many hours of happiness for my boy! Be sure to stay current with all the latest from Razor by following them on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

What fun summer activities for older kids save you in the summer?