New mom’s need a break every now and then. Having the right entertainment for your new baby is important for not only their development but also to allow new parents to shower, clean up, and just have a couple moments of peace and quiet. The Carter’s Flitter Cuddle ‘n Comfort Musical Bouncer is the perfect bouncer for babies.

For this review, Summer Infant sent me the Carter’s Flitter Cuddle ‘n Comfort Musical Bouncer. This bouncer is adorable for either a boy or a girl. The pattern is soft and neutral with a beautiful nature theme. Some baby experts believe that colors affect the mood of your baby. Of course we all want new babies to be happy and this color scheme offers relaxation yet a little stimulation for the baby. Eye and hand coordination skills are important for new babies to master. The entertainment bar over the bouncer holds three bugs that are fun for the baby to look and grab. They can be removed at anytime to allow complete relaxation for your new baby. The Carter’s Flitter Cuddle ‘n Comfort Musical Bouncer has a music box that plays soft music to help your baby relax. It also makes a womb-like sound which is really soothing to a newborn baby. The volume is adjustable to your liking. The  Carter’s Flitter Cuddle ‘n Comfort Musical Bouncer has safety features such as detectable head rest for newborns as well as safety straps to secure your baby from falling out. The Carter’s Flitter Cuddle ‘n Comfort Musical Bouncer holds up to 25 pounds. This feature is great because babies grow so fast and even after it no longer is needed as a infant chair, you can use it as a chair for your toddler to sit in and look at books. I love baby items I can use for a extended period of time. To purchase the Carter’s Flitter Cuddle ‘n Comfort Musical Bouncer it is sold for $39.99 at speciality stores such as JCPenny catalog and Sears. This would be a great item to register for if you are a expecting parent!

I love having matching baby gear. The Carter’s Flitter Cuddle n’ Comfort Musical Bouncer is part of the Flitter Collection. In this collection, you may find, Carter’s Flitter Comfort n’ Care Play yard and Changer, Carter’s Flitter Cozy Comfort Musical Swing, and the Carter’s Flitter Classic Comfort Reclining Wood High Chair. These items are adorable! For more information on these items and where to purchase, visit Summer Infants website. This website is the perfect place for new and expect parents to find baby products such as monitoring, bath, nursery, feeding, healthy/ safety, travel gear and so much more.
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