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Sun Safety Tips For Kids On The Go

I participated in an Ambassador Activation on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Banana Boat® Sun Care. I received product samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for participating.

This is Aidan’s last summer as a single child. If I think too much or too hard about it, I may end up getting emotional. Instead, we are just trying to stay busy and enjoy every last minute of his single child status. We have taken trips to the local community park, to the ball field, to the beach, and even just around the block. Aidan has an obsession with sharks, dolphins and whales. Any show on TV with a shark or whale is usually a huge hit at our house. Since he is turning 3 this month, we decided to treat him with a trip to Sea World, in Orlando, FL. I hadn’t been to Sea World myself since I was a kid, but if there was one thing that I did remember about it is that it was hot! Because we were going in July, we knew we were going to have to enforce some serious sun protection.

4 Sun Safety Tips For Kids

  1. Cover Up: Be sure to wear clothing that is protective, and doesn’t attract the rays of the sun. Darker clothing soaks up the sun more than lighter clothing. Dress your child in a light colored shirt and shorts. A hat will help to keep the sun off of your child’s face and sunglasses will help with UV protection for their eyes.
  2. Be A Positive Example: Our children are always watching and listening. If we want our children to make good decisions for themselves, we have to make good decisions too. It is recommended that everyone who spends time outdoors practice sun safety, not just the kids.
  3. Limit Outdoor TimeThis might be one of the harder tips to enforce, especially if you are spending time outdoors someplace like a major theme park. Be sure to take plenty of breaks in the shade. We made sure to grab a show time schedule on the way in to the park, since each show ensured at least 30 minutes out of the sun.
  4. Apply Sunscreen: Sun safety wouldn’t be sun safety without the sunscreen. A crucial sun safety tip for kids, and for everyone, is to apply sunscreen vigorously. We brought along our Banana Boat® Sport Performance® Clear UltraMist® Sunscreen with Powerstay TechnologyTM. This sunscreen is made specifically for the sport enthusiast. Since we were going to be sweating up a storm, it was the most appropriate sunscreen choice for our family.

No matter if you are outside enjoying time in the pool, or out at a major theme park, sun safety should always be enforced. Banana Boat products allow you the flexibility and ease of use to ensure your skin is always protected, even on the sunniest and hottest of days.

Powerstay TechnologyTM is Banana Boats latest innovation, which helps your sunscreen stay on through all of your outdoor activities. Banana Boat® Sport Performance® Clear UltraMist® Sunscreen with Powerstay TechnologyTM is available in SPF 15, 30, 50+ and 100. Right now, Banana Boat is teaming up with actress, Busy Philipps, to bring you tools and tips, along with fun prizes. Make this the best summer ever by entering the Best Summer Ever Sweepstakes before July 31st.

How are you making this summer the best summer ever?

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