Summer Sunglasses

For years, I was strictly a contact lens wearer – but then I developed the annoying condition of dry spots on my eyes.  It did not matter what product I used or which contact lens I tried, within an hour of having them in they were plastered to my eye and I could not see.  I gave up on contact lens and moved to glasses only.  Glasses are not what they were when I was 10, wearing the bulky plastic frames.  They are very stylish and have a fair amount of “bling” on them.

Glasses are fun and can be a great way to accessorize, but the cost of frames plus the lenses can be quite overwhelming. allows you to get new eyeglasses at an affordable price.  They have every shape of frame you could imagine, and allows you to save more than 70% on your eyewear purchase. They are a global leader in direct retailing of professionally made certified prescription eye glasses. All of their lenses are FDA approved, and they use lenses and coatings from world-renowned companies.

One of the inconveniences of wearing glasses is the sun.  I don’t really like the transition lenses, just a personal thing, and sunglasses that fit over your glasses are rather bulky. has an entire section on prescription sunglasses! If you are unsure of how the frames will look on you, you can upload a picture of yourself and “try” them on. You can purchase frames for as little as $19, you can’t get anywhere close to that at an optometrists office!

Shopping on is a very easy process. When you select the frame you like, you can choose what type of lenses you need, for distance, bifocal with line or progressive.  From there you select the package you want for your glasses which determines the thickness of the lens and if you want them to be anti-reflective.  At that point you would put in your measurements and your prescription.  You can get all of that from your current optometrist, or at least have the prescription and then the site will walk you through on how to take the rest of the measurements.

You can visit and play around a little bit now.  Just select the frames and lenses, and see the huge savings!

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