Super Absorbent Doggy Mat

Super Absorbent Dog Towel

I have three dogs and live in sloppy-weather Minnesota.  In addition to that, the door that we let the dogs out has light beige carpet in that room.  You can only imagine the mess that I have on my carpet when they come in from prancing in the snow or rain.  I’ve tried a few different rugs, but unless I can grab each dog as they come in and thoroughly wipe them down (which I can’t, in the chaos of three dogs running in and out), other rugs just don’t work.  I was sent a Soggy Doggy Doormat and a Soggy Doggy Super Shammy to try out for my dogs.    The rug is super thick, and has these little fabric fingers or “noodles” that makes up the entire mat and shammy.   The best thing about this rug is the texture.  I wish my whole house were carpeted in a Soggy Doggy Doormat!  It’s so soft and padded under your feet!  The little fingers actually allow the dogs feet to kind of sink down into the rug so that it thoroughly gets any water or mud off even the sides of the feet.  It drew the water out of my dogs feet and coat just like a sponge!  And it’s easy to take care of – just throw it in the washer!

The doormat comes in two sizes – 26 x 36″ (available in either blue/brown or tan/red) or the XL size, which is 36 x 60″ and comes in tan/red.  This would be GREAT to throw in the back seat if you have a dog that you take to the dog park that gets wet and you don’t want them messing up your car.  To be completely honest, even if I didn’t have dogs, I would have one of these at every door.  I’m sick of snow boots tracking in snow and muck.  This rug would eliminate the mess completely!  This is probably my favorite new household product.  It’s soft and fluffy, yet really durable and REALLY gets the job done!  It’s well worth the price – you’ll never have to buy another rug again, plus Soggy Doggy Doormat is offering Makobi Scribe readers 15% off their order.  Just enter MAKO15 at checkout, and the discount will be applied!  This isn’t a product that I would have looked for and thought about purchasing on my own.  I had no idea that I should be looking for a doormat that does a better job than I’m used to, but am I glad that I had an opportunity to be proven wrong!