So, like I’ve said before, my son and I are both huge fans of Alton Brown’s (from Food Network’s “Good Eats”).  We’ve seen him use the ThermoWorks Splash-Proof Thermapen thermometer for years, and I was super excited when we got an opportunity to try it!  The main reason I wanted to try this thermometer was because of it’s angled design.  The probe folds down into the handle, and to turn it on you just pull the probe out of the handle and put it at whatever angle you want it.  I’ve burned myself a few times using a straight thermometer because I had to hold my hand right over the hot food and the steam was just too hot.  With this thermometer, you can bend it at the right angle to get your hand out of the way so isn’t splashed with hot liquid or steam.

My son and I were making caramels, so I threw the candy thermometer in the pot so I could compare the Thermapen to what I would normally use.  It’s very important to know the temperature whenever you’re making any candy, so I thought this would be the perfect trial.  We were supposed to take the caramel off of the heat at 255°.  I didn’t want to hold the Thermapen there the entire time we were waiting for the temperature to rise, so when the candy thermometer got to about 240° I tested the temperature with the Thermapen.  I found that my candy thermometer was about 10° off!  The Thermapen read at 250.2°, and it read instantly.  I couldn’t believe how quickly and accurately this thermometer was.  The second I pulled it out of the liquid the reading started to drop.  I tried it with a baked chicken breast, and it read 160° instantly and within just seconds of taking the probe out of the meat, it read room temperature.  I loved how easy it was to measure the temperature of whatever I was using it on and to even see how quickly the temperature was rising.  It doesn’t lock into a reading, it continually changes depending on the temperature of item you’re testing, so you’re sure to know that it’s working.  What I also really liked was how quickly it read meat.  For instance, my regular analog meat thermometer takes about a minute for the reading to rise and then level off at the temperature the meat is at.  The Thermapen reads the second you put the probe into the meat.  It’s SO convenient.

Now, here’s the thing.  It is more expensive than other thermometers on the market.  I wanted one really badly, but wasn’t sure that it would be worth the $89 price tag.  The Thermapen was originally made for commercial kitchens, labs, and manufacturing plants, all of which needed the accuracy and speed it provides.  It’s now popular with consumers and chefs everywhere simply because it makes you a better chef.  When you have such detailed knowledge of the temperature of the food you’re cooking, you’re cooking will be better.  I would definitely pay the $89 for this thermometer in a heartbeat.  I know I’m never going to have to buy another thermometer again – ever.  Whether I’m cooking, baking, frying, making candy, or even tending to some meat on the BBQ, the Thermapen will be the only thermometer I will need.  It’s an investment, but it’s also probably one of the most used tools I now have in my kitchen.  Plus, with over 10 colors to choose from, as well as cool accessories to go with it, you can customize your Thermapen to fit your personality.

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