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Superhero Style: Getting Dressed For School

This post is sponsored by Target, but all opinions are 100% my own.

The new school year is upon us, and it’s not clear whether or not we should be happy, sad or anxious about this next milestone in our child’s education. The milestone that I am personally referring to is VPK. In the state of Florida, VPK is a fabulous program that helps prepare our preschoolers for the next step in their education. Perhaps your child has already transitioned to that next step in their education, and their first day of kindergarten is right around the corner. Whatever the case, moms of preschoolers across the country are now beginning to scramble. New routines, new supplies and new clothes make up just a few of the changes that lie ahead. I remember back-to-school shopping when I was a little girl. My grandma would take my brother and I shopping for clothes and we would wait anxiously for the first day of school when we could finally rip the tags off of our new clothes and show them off to our friends. Just like it was back when I was a kid, getting dressed for school only requires a few essentials!

Essentials for Getting Dressed for School

  • Cool T-Shirts: What better way to show off your child’s personality than with a fun graphic tee. Find tees that match their style and personality. Star Wars, Minions, Avengers and Frozen are all known to be fan favorites!
  • New Shoes: This is probably the most exciting part of back-to-school shopping for kids. Keep an eye out for shoes that will go with many clothing options and are built to last most of the way through the school year.
  • Comfortable Jeans: Jeans don’t have to be considered old school. In fact, jeans are cool and very in style for kids! When shopping for jeans, be sure to find a pair that isn’t too stiff. A nice, soft and stretchy pair of jeans will go a long way with your school-aged kiddo.

The first day of school is going to be stressful enough for any kid. Make getting dressed for the first day of school fun and easy! I remember how much time and effort it took in order to find the right look when I was younger. I used to drag my poor grandma store to store. Now, it couldn’t be any easier. Target has everything back-to-school, including all of the best clothes that will make getting dressed for school a breeze for your boy or girl! The selection of graphic tees and other licensed gear is just what my toddler is looking for. They even have an incredible selection of jeans, which have been reinvented and are even stretchier and more comfortable than ever! Throw on a cool pair of new shoes and your preschooler can get a fashion forward start to the new school year! Target makes going back-to-school easy.

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